Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 480
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 480
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 480: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After Ji Yi said that, she didn’t get a reply for some time, so she felt like something wasn’t right. For some reason, her eyelids flickered and the next second, she raised her phone to eye-level and saw the two words on the display: Qian Ge.

Why’s she calling me?

Ji Yi still hadn’t recovered from the shock of Qian Ge’s sudden call when Qian Ge’s voice rang out from the phone: “I heard you had quite a serious fall?”

Ji Yi’s eyes instantly turned cold.

She didn’t believe Qian Ge called because she genuinely cared. No matter what her real aim was for her call, Ji Yi didn’t believe it was for anything good.

After what happened during the recording that afternoon, she was already in a terrible mood. She really wasn’t in the right mindset to take on Qian Ge.

Ji Yi pretended she hadn’t heard what Qian Ge said by staying silent. She prepared to hang up.

Before her fingers could touch the screen, it was like Qian Ge knew she was going to hang up on her as she spoke again: “Sprained your ankle and got a cast? They say you’ll need at least a month to recover?”

Qian Ge let out a soft sigh as she continued to speak in a pitying voice: “Ah, that’s a real shame… you missed out on such a good variety show, just like that. I heard the show found out you couldn’t continue recording, so they started looking for other actresses!”

Ji Yi couldn’t help but clutch her phone tightly.

It was like Qian Ge could sense Ji Yi’s annoyance through the phone as the words from her mouth sounded even more smug: “It looks like you didn’t just lose out on the variety show alone – I’m afraid you lost all those jobs YC tried so hard to get you, right?”

As she said this, Qian Ge let out a light chuckle and said with a mocking yet disdainful tone of voice, “I thought you’d be all high and mighty four years later, but you’re no better than you were four years ago. Such great opportunities in front of you, yet you missed out. After all He Jichen’s hard work, what a shame. Say, how could he have not figured it out; how could he support such a disappointing person? What did he say at the beginning? That wherever you were, you would be at the top? It’s funny now that you think about it… an opportunity was handed to someone who couldn’t even hold onto it. What future can there be for you?!”

“But then again, Ji Yi… don’t you accept your fate now? You were never a match for me, Qian Ge. I don’t really have a reason for calling you today. I just wanted to tell you…” Qian Ge paused for a moment then said with a sternness in her voice: “… As long I, Qian Ge, am still in the show business, you can quit dreaming about ever making it big someday!”

All of a sudden, the image of the round object beneath her foot when she went to collect her prize flashed across Ji Yi’s mind.

For Qian Ge to say something like that… what happened today really wasn’t an accident, but it was intentional!

Ji Yi’s lips pursed as she spoke for the first time since picking up the phone: “You had something to do with what happened today, didn’t you?”

Ji Yi didn’t wait for Qian Ge to speak as she thought about that Taiwanese singer who couldn’t make it at the last minute. “And that Taiwanese singer 1 – that was your idea, right?”

Over the phone, Qian Ge let out a light chuckle but didn’t reply to Ji Yi’s question. Instead, she changed the subject. “Since you missed out on this variety show, do you know who’s going to replace you?”

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