Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 482
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 482
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 482: Who Dares Have Something to Say About the Person I’m Protecting? (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After she said this, director Lin pulled out a chair and took a seat.

Ji Yi stared at the document that director Lin threw in front of her for a while. She reached her hand out, straightened the contract and flipped through it.

Her eyelashes trembled gently as she read the two words on the document: “Termination Contract.” Her whole body evidently stiffened up.

When Zhuang Yi drove her back home yesterday, she heard director Lin and Zhuang Yi on the phone. Back then, she already knew director Lin was angry. However, Ji Yi figured that they were calling her into the office to shout at her at the most; she never imagined that she would actually throw a termination contract in front of her face…

Zhuang Yi, who was sitting beside Ji Yi, noticed that something was wrong with her expression as Ji Yi stared at the document. Zhuang Yi reached her hand out and pulled the document in front of her. She took a single glance as her brows furrowed. “Director Lin, the situation isn’t that serious, right?”

Director Lin had always been quick-tempered. After hearing what Zhuang Yi said, she suddenly was agitated as she said, “Not that serious?”

“Then tell me… if the several millions the company lost isn’t considered serious, what would you call serious?”

“Do you know how much time and effort this company has spent on her recently? And do you know just how much work our public relations team put in to get her on that variety show? The celebrities on that show are either A-listers or near A-listers; it’s the first time a newbie like her has been on the show!”

The more director Lin spoke, the more agitated she became. In the end, she started to slap the table. “And in the end? How could she have fallen from such a short platform? Did you think she was an A-list celebrity, that she’d make it into the headlines and get everyone’s condolences after what happened? She’s just a newbie who we racked our brains over to win the tiniest bit of popularity! With one fall, she ruined all the arrangements we made for her! What an utter disappointment!”

“How do you expect us to work in showbiz?! Do you even know how many phone calls I received after yesterday’s accident, all to cancel contracts?! It’s enough that we have to deal with all these cancellations, but the company also has to pay compensation!”

“First, the contract clearly states that she can’t do anything that will make the company lose money. Now, the company has suffered serious lost profits, so sign it!”

Ji Yi couldn’t raise her head after hearing what director Lin said. Even if Qian Ge sabotaged her, she had no evidence, so if she mentioned it now, people would only think of that as an excuse. The only thing she could do was earnestly admit she was wrong. With that thought, Ji Yi said, “As for what happened yesterday, I’m truly sorry, but it really wasn’t intentional. I hope you can all give me another chance. Sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Zhuang Yi quickly followed: “Director Lin, it really was an accident, and Ji Yi knows she made a mistake. She felt guilty all day yesterday. Give her another chance. This time, I promise. I promise something like this will never happen again!”

“What use is there in feeling guilty? What use is your promise? Our company won’t tolerate such a useless person!” Director Lin didn’t seem willing to negotiate. She raised her fingers, knocked the table, then said impatiently with an urgent voice, “I have an important meeting in a minute, so hurry up and sign it!”

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