Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 489
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 489
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 489: Who Dares Have Something to Say About the Person I’m Protecting? (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Having been interrupted by He Jichen, director Lin fell silent for some time as she stared at him with a defiant gaze. She wanted to defend herself, but just as she was about to move her lips, He Jichen shot Chen Bai an impatient look.

Although He Jichen didn’t say a word, Chen Bai knew his intentions. He immediately turned around and walked out of the conference room as he reached for his phone to make a call.

When the conference room doors opened again, Chen Bai wasn’t the only person who stepped in. There were two security guards behind him.

Chen Bai had left the room to order the security guards to follow him. After they entered, they called out “Mr. He” and walked over to director Lin’s side. They forced the pen into her hands and forced her hand down to the signature portion of the document.

Director Lin couldn’t fight back under the force of one man let alone two men.

While writing her name in the signature box, director Lin figured that since she was going to be kicked out, she might as well rant. “Mr. He, aren’t you going overboard? What did I do wrong? I was just mitigating our losses on behalf of the company! I did it for the company. She made the company lose so much, yet you actually indulge her. Do you dare admit there’s nothing shameful going on between the two of you? Do you dare admit that she didn’t use her body to cling onto you and join Y…”

Director Lin didn’t manage to finish when He Jichen suddenly bent over. He picked up the letter of authorization she previously threw at Ji Yi and smushed it onto her face. “I’m warning you to be careful about what you say. You can insult me but don’t insult her in front of me! Don’t insinuate there’s some shameful relationship between us. Even if there is, I’m the one clinging onto her!”

With a headache from being thrashed around, director Lin raised her hand to cover her face. She stared into He Jichen’s eyes, full of discontentment. “Mr. He, you’re clearly making decisions on your own without considering anyone else’s opinion. By recklessly making decisions like this by yourself over a woman, it will disappoint everyone in the company. Did you know that people in the company have their objections about that woman? If you don’t believe me, ask everyone sitting here now!”

“Objections?” A trace of hatred crossed He Jichen’s ruggedly handsome face as a rare tone of defiance entered his voice. “I’ll see who dares to have objections against the person I protect! For every person who stands up, I’ll purge one person. For two, I’ll purge the pair!”

After he finished speaking, He Jichen didn’t give director Lin a chance to speak before he viciously ordered the two security guards behind her: “Take her away!”

The security guards didn’t reply to He Jichen’s thunderous words but they grabbed director Lin by an arm each and quickly took her out of the conference room.

As the door shut, the conference room slipped into a temporary silence.

After several seconds, He Jichen’s stern gaze swept over the other reps at the conference table. “What about you guys? Whoever objects can stand up right now. The human resources manager is here to help you with your resignations. I definitely won’t stop you from leaving!”

Everyone present was silent; no one dared to make a sound.

He Jichen sat quietly for a few minutes. Seeing as no one was speaking, he said, “Since no one has any objections, I’m making some arrangements. We’ll have a meeting later!”

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