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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 49
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 49: Somewhere in Plain Sight (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She was struggling at the bottom, while Qian Ge had everything that once belonged to her. She now stood at the peak, where things were smooth sailing for her. How could I not be hurt by this? How could I not be angry?

“Ah, it really is you, Xiao Yi.” Compared to how Ji Yi struggled to contain her thoughts, Qian Ge appeared far calmer than her. “I thought I was mistaking someone else for you just now.”

As Qian Ge said that, she glanced over at the two assistants behind her, hinting for them to leave.

When it was just Qian Ge and Ji Yi alone, Qian Ge strode over elegantly in her heels towards Ji Yi.

She looked Ji Yi up and down then put on a smile and said, “Long time no see, Xiao Yi.”

There were some things on both of their minds, but before exposing her, Ji Yi tried to become just as calm and even-tempered as Qian Ge was.

At that thought, Ji Yi blinked and snapped back to reality. The corners of her lips curved into a sweet and beautiful smile. She answered warmly, “Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for a while.”

Seeing Ji Yi smile, Qian Ge’s smile turned even brighter. “Xiao Yi, when did you wake up? You probably know from the tabloids that I’ve been busy for two years taking on jobs non-stop, so I haven’t had much time for anything else.”

Of course, Ji Yi noticed how Qian Ge emphasized the word “jobs.” Ji Yi got the message. She was showing off and trying to make her lose her temper. Ji Yi lowered her eyes slightly and kept the smile plastered on her face as though she hadn’t heard Qian Ge’s hint. She used the same tone of voice and continued, “I’ve been awake for half a year now.”

“Oh I see…” responded Qian Ge half-heartedly as she realized that her “weapon” had turned into a cotton bud and it looked like nothing could trigger Ji Yi. She turned to look at the door next to Ji Yi and casually asked, “Looking for Xu Yi about director Liang’s new movie?”

Ji Yi pursed her lips and admitted honestly, “Yeah.”

Qian Ge lowered her eyes slightly and put on a smile. “Director Liang’s movies aren’t easy to get into now. Compared to four years ago, casting has become far more demanding.” With a pause, Qian Ge lifted her eyelids, stared at Ji Yi, and said half-jokingly yet also provokingly, “What’s more, Xiao Yi, you aren’t the same person you were four years ago.”

Of course, Ji Yi knew Qian Ge was trying to provoke her, but what a shame… Ji Yi wasn’t the weak type, and she never allowed herself to lose shamefully.

At that thought, Ji Yi glanced calmly over at Qian Ge and replied nonchalantly, “Of course, I’m not the same as I was four years ago. Now, I want to claim my rightful title as Queen Bee of the entertainment industry…”

With a pause, Ji Yi copied Qian Ge’s tone of voice. She sounded like she was joking but her reply was also threatening, “…So Qian Ge, you have to be careful now. Don’t let me steal your thunder and take your spot.”

Qian Ge froze at Ji Yi’s words. The coldness in her smiling eyes seemed far more obvious than before. She seemed afraid to get a taste of her own medicine after stealing Ji Yi’s title. She lowered her head to glance at her watch and changed the topic, “I have some other business to attend to; I’m gonna take off. If we get some time, let’s talk again.”

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