Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 491
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 491
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 491: YC Exists and Dies With Her (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The people who passed by Ji Yi were all YC employees; their gazes always seemed to linger on her.

Ji Yi vaguely heard one of the female employees, who brushed past her, whisper into the ear of another lady, “It’s her. You see the one with the cast on her leg? That’s Ji Yi.”

After some time, people arrived to sit at the table behind Ji Yi.

Various men and women sat there, speaking quite loudly. Ji Yi could hear everything with complete clarity. From their words, she sensed that their relationships were good and they sounded mutually sarcastic.

Maybe they hadn’t noticed her or maybe they hadn’t recognized her from the back, but this loud group of people suddenly started to talk about her.

“Did you guys hear? Director Lin was fired earlier this afternoon.”

“I heard a bit about it. Do you know specifically how it happened?”

“It’s because of the artist our company signed. Yesterday, she accidentally fell off a short platform during a recording and sprained her ankle. She ruined all the jobs the company set up for her. Director Lin was angry and wanted to terminate her contract, but in the end, Mr. He protected her and fired director Lin…”

“I heard from director Lin’s assistant that the artist got into our company by sleeping with Mr. He.”

“That’s so normal… you gotta know that there’s a whole load of A-listers who want to sign up with the company, but in the end, Mr. He stubbornly chose her. There’s obviously something fishy going on behind the scenes!”

“I’ve seen her picture. She’s quite pretty, but there’s no lack of beautiful women in showbiz. Do you think she got signed because she’s so great in bed that she captivated our Mr. He to fall head over heels for her…?”

“I have no idea if she’s great in bed, but I think she’s a troublemaker. In the early afternoon, when I brought tea into the conference room during Mr. He’s meeting, the atmosphere was terrifying. Because of her, Mr. He argued with the board of directors. Do you guys know Mr. He signed some kind of agreement to say that if Ji Yi doesn’t generate enough revenue for the company within a year, he’ll give up his place as CEO of the company? I really don’t get it. What’s so good about that woman for Mr. He to protect her so much? She’s basically a femme fatale who’s going to ruin Mr. He sooner or later…”

Ji Yi pursed her lips when she heard this and instinctively balled her hands into fists.

Was He Jichen’s meeting about dealing with the consequences of yesterday’s mess?

Not only did he kick out director Lin for me, but he even signed a guarantee?

The table full of people behind her were still talking about her, but Ji Yi didn’t hear a single word.

Ji Yi didn’t snap back to reality until Zhuang Yi brought a food tray back to the table. Ji Yi glanced at Zhuang Yi without saying a word. She picked up the chopsticks and ate like a machine.

After He Jichen’s meeting was adjourned, she didn’t go downstairs to eat at the canteen. Instead, he went straight to the office.

He took off his suit and casually threw it on the sofa. Then he walked over to the tall windows and stared at the bright sunshine outside.

After about ten minutes, a knock came at his office door, but he didn’t look back or say a word.

After about a few seconds, the office door opened and Chen Bai walked in. He didn’t say anything but silently made his way to He Jichen and cried, “Mr. He.”

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