Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 492
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 492
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 492: YC Exists and Dies With Her (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Like before, He Jichen silently stared out the window like a motionless statue.

Chen Bai knew He Jichen was waiting for him to finish what he had to say, so he spoke first: “I saw all the shareholders out.”

He Jichen was lost in his own world, thinking about something as he still didn’t respond.

Chen Bai stared at He Jichen’s back and suddenly remembered the chaos from earlier that afternoon.

He thought back to how He Jichen didn’t give in a bit when he was faced with the shareholders’ determination to force Miss Ji to resign.

He Jichen even hurled the words “She and YC die together” at the shareholders.

It implied that if Ji Yi wasn’t with YC, YC would cease to exist in this world.

What’s more, he thought Miss Ji wouldn’t want to be disturbed by such matters again, so he signed an agreement because he didn’t care about giving away all his shares at YC as a bargaining chip.

If Miss Ji didn’t generate revenue for YC within a year, He Jichen was willing to leave YC with nothing for himself.

YC was something he single-handedly started with an infinite number of sleepless nights. Yet he was actually willing to give up YC for Miss Ji.

Everyone in the conference room had an oppositional attitude toward him. Everyone aside from Chen Bai stood quietly to one side; when Chen Bai heard that He Jichen was going to use such conditions to negotiate with the shareholders, he couldn’t help but speak out. He wanted to stop him and make him think things over.

But He Jichen didn’t give him a chance to speak before he picked up the pen and signed the agreement.

At that thought, Chen Bai couldn’t help but break the silence in the room: “Mr. He, before the shareholders left, they told me a few words to share with you…”

Chen Bai paused for a moment then continued: “Mr. Li hopes you won’t ruin your bright future over a woman.”

“Mr. Chen hopes you stay rational and think about the bigger picture for YC.”

“Mr. Zhang says that the ‘femme fatale’ is a man’s greatest weakness. If you want to succeed, you can’t be too emotional over relationship issues. Mr. Zhang also added that he hopes you don’t become an incapable ruler…”

“Incapable ruler?” Until now, he hadn’t spoken since Chen Bai stepped into the office. He Jichen suddenly spoke with a gentle voice like he was talking to himself. “Actually, I wanted to be an incapable ruler, but she never gave me that opportunity.”

Chen Bai was stunned.

The office fell silent once again.

After a long period of staring out the window, He Jichen spoke again. In his soft, gentle voice, there was evident pain and sadness. “It’s the femme fatale situation as they said; these are all my one-sided feelings. You don’t even realize how she would rather push him away over ever wanting me.”

Because of that night in Shanghai, Ji Yi felt like she would never be worthy of He Yuguang, so she got the divorce.

But she didn’t want the man she liked either, nor was she willing for him to take responsibility.

So, the femme fatale they were referring to was just his misconception of a femme fatale.

He Jichen was slurring his words, so Chen Bai couldn’t understand him. All he could do was remain silent.

He Jichen spoke again: “Chen Bai, do you know why I ignored you when you tried to stop me from signing that agreement with the shareholders?”

Chen Bai shook his head. After about two seconds, he sensed He Jichen turned his back to him and hurriedly said, “No, I don’t.”

“It’s because YC exists for Ji Yi,” replied He Jichen with a dull voice as he stared unwaveringly out the window.

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