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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 497
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 497: YC Exists and Dies With Her (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen thought about it and repeated himself: “Do you want to walk with me around the park in the afternoon?”

“Or how about we go shopping? Where do you want to go? Shin Kong Palace?”

“Or we could go Houhai. It’s so hot – how about we find a bar to sit in?”

He Jichen asked her one question after another with an open, delicate voice. After having had a break from crying for so long in the canteen earlier, Ji Yi’s tears suddenly fell again.

Sometimes, women were strange like that. Even after feeling enormously wronged, Ji Yi only held her tongue, clenched her teeth and endured it silently. However, the tears she forced back suddenly broke out in soundless sobs after she received words of comfort.

She wasn’t actually that weak or that delicate. Three years ago, she didn’t even shed a tear when she faced Qian Ge’s betrayal or when she woke up to realize that Qian Ge sabotaged her while in cahoots with their mutual enemy.

Yesterday, she didn’t cry when her ankle hurt so bad that it was hard for her to breathe after falling from the platform.

Back home, she didn’t cry either when she received a call from Qian Ge to show off and provoke her.

Even this morning in the conference room, she never thought about crying when she felt so hurt from director Lin acting so cruel towards her.

In the afternoon, she didn’t want to cry in the slightest even when she felt uneasy after seeing He Jichen so concerned and guilty rather than depressed over the YC employees talking about her and misunderstanding her in the canteen…

But after he appeared, she didn’t know what was wrong with her. She became unbelievably emotional.

He Jichen, standing by Ji Yi’s side, saw her tears fall. His compelling voice suddenly sounded worried: “Why’re you crying again?”

“Don’t cry, it’s in the past. I already resolved what needs to be resolved. It’s fine now…”

She wasn’t crying because of what happened; she was crying because of him.

Did he know that she probably wouldn’t have cried if he blamed her, complained to her, or even lectured her like director Lin? It was just that him acting like this now made her heart feel the worst pain.

“… Really, it’s nothing. It’s in the past now…”

The more He Jichen tried to cheer her up, the fiercer Ji Yi’s throat seized up. She raised her hand and wiped away the tears on her face as she said with a trembling voice, “Don’t say anything. I beg you. Stop talking…”

She was afraid that if he continued to speak, she would lose it and start to cry like she did in the canteen.

“Okay, okay, I won’t talk. I won’t talk anymore.” He Jichen really did shut up.

The office instantly slipped into silence again.

She suppressed the surging emotions in her chest and stared at the bright sunshine outside the window.

He stood to one side, staring at her, silently accompanying her through the pain and sadness.

At that very moment, time seemed to quietly stop.

After a long, long time, the sun descended behind the mountains and night came. Neon lights started to light up, one after the other. Ji Yi’s gaze withdrew from the window and fell on the man beside her, who had silently stayed with her all afternoon.

His patience and indulgence for her emotional states completely softened her heart. She stared at him for some time then remembered that she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Since he stayed by her side, He Jichen hadn’t eaten either, so Ji Yi said, “I’m hungry.”

Those two simple words were as beautiful as the sounds of nature for He Jichen. “What would you like to eat?” he asked immediately.

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Chapter 498: YC Exists and Dies With Her (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi was more talkative than before. “Whatever’s fine.”

Their lunch had gone cold long ago and they naturally wouldn’t eat it even if it was heated in the microwave since it had probably gone bad by now.

The canteen chef finished work long ago at six and it was now almost eight o’clock. Most of the restaurants were still open, however…

With that thought, He Jichen asked, “Let’s eat out?”

Ji Yi lowered her head and glanced at her cast. She felt that it was too much trouble to eat out, so she hesitated for a moment then moved her lips. “Can we call for takeout?” she said quietly.

“Sure,” replied He Jichen with no hesitation at all.

He pulled out his phone and opened a takeout app. He crouched down and he was now the same height as Ji Yi in her wheelchair. Then he brought the phone in front of Ji Yi. “What do you want to eat?”

Ji Yi scanned the phone roughly and chose a Cantonese restaurant with rather light meals.

He Jichen clicked it. He browsed through the menu while asking Ji Yi for her opinion.

After ordering some food, He Jichen put his phone back and remembered that Ji Yi hadn’t drunk any water since earlier that afternoon. “How about I go pour you a glass of water?” asked He Jichen.

Ji Yi let out a gentle “Mhm.”

The food arrived forty minutes later. Having rushed back from America overnight, He Jichen hadn’t taken a shower yet. With mild OCD, he’d been feeling uncomfortable for a long time but he waited for Ji Yi to finish her water first. Seeing that she was feeling better, he took her glass and said quietly, “Play on your phone for a while or watch TV. I’m going to take a shower.”

Ji Yi nodded silently.

When He Jichen finished taking a shower and came out of the lounge, his phone happened to ring. It was the delivery boy with the takeout.

He hinted at Ji Yi to wait in the office then he grabbed his wallet from the desk and walked out.

Shortly after, He Jichen brought a bag of takeout back with him.

He casually tidied up the files from the coffee table then randomly tossed them onto the sofa. He placed the takeout neatly on the table then walked over and positioned Ji Yi in front of the coffee table.

After finishing dinner, it was already ten o’clock.

Aside from some workers working overtime, the entire office block was empty.

He Jichen waited until after Ji Yi put her chopsticks down to hand her a glass of water. Then he said, “Get some rest first and I’ll tidy up this stuff. I’ll take you back home afterward.”

Ji Yi, holding onto the glass of water, said “Alright” softly.

He Jichen got up, tidied up the takeout boxes and put them back into the takeout bag. Then he pulled out a few tissues and wiped down the coffee table. He straightened up and walked out of the office holding the bag.

Having just finished eating, Ji Yi felt a little full. After drinking about half a glass of water, she couldn’t drink anymore.

She put the glass of water back down on the coffee table and out of habit, she reached her hand out to grab her phone by the sofa.

As she reached for her phone, she briefly lost focus. When she withdrew her arm, she accidentally knocked the files He Jichen had placed on the sofa to the ground.

The files happened to fall by Ji Yi’s legs. She bent down without a second thought and reached out to pick up the files.

When she put the files back on the sofa, she incidentally glanced over the files. Then, as though all the pressure points in her body had been hit, she suddenly froze.

After about ten seconds, she held the file up…

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