Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 503
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 503
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 503: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As she said this, Ji Yi remembered she didn’t have any evidence. Afraid that He Jichen would think she was just making up excuses, her head shot up and she stared at He Jichen’s chin. “…I’m not trying to make excuses for causing all that trouble yesterday. I’m telling the truth…”

Ji Yi didn’t even manage to finish her sentence when He Jichen said, “I believe you.”

Those simple words and his clear voice made Ji Yi suddenly lose her voice as she looked up at He Jichen.

The room was silent for a while before Ji Yi said, “You… believe me?”

“Yes, I believe you,” repeated He Jichen with no hesitation at all.

Ji Yi’s eyes heated up as she instinctively stared back at He Jichen. She buried her face into his body once again.

He Jichen reached his hand out and stroked Ji Yi’s long hair. “Xiao Yi, don’t worry. This matter won’t end like this, but you don’t need to think about anything or do anything. All you need to do is get better and calm your mind to focus on shooting your next series. Leave everything else to me. One day, I’ll help you get revenge for everything you’ve suffered and more!”

Ji Yi’s heart warmed up for a moment and it felt like something was lodged in her throat, preventing her from speaking.

She silently leaned into his body for a while then tightened her hug.

He sensed her subtle movements and couldn’t help but hug her a little tighter.

It was dark outside as they hugged each other more tightly.

After what happened the day before, Ji Yi hadn’t slept all night. In the morning, she hadn’t gotten the chance to shut her eyes as she had been back and forth since Zhuang Yi took her to the office.

She’d already cried out all her pain and spoke all her suppressed feelings; she even got some much-needed comfort from He Jichen. She felt so relaxed that she unexpectedly fell asleep in He Jichen’s embrace as she couldn’t fight her exhaustion and sleepiness.

It was already late and Ji Yi was deep asleep. He Jichen was afraid he’d wake her up if he took her back home, so he carefully scooped her up from the wheelchair and took her into the lounge.

He took a long time just trying to pull her arms away from his waist. He took no more than two steps with her in his arms when her arms wrapped around his neck again.

He laid her on the bed and removed her hands from his neck. Ji Yi’s brows started to gently furrow. He was afraid to wake her up, so he didn’t dare make any sudden movements. Instead, he simply laid by her side gently and softly and held her in his arms all night long.

As He Jichen and Ji Yi slept all night in each other’s embrace, Han Zhifan and Cheng Weiwan were just ten meters away at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was their first time meeting each other since he was discharged.

Cheng Weiwan had stayed by Han Zhifan’s side throughout his stay in the hospital.

The day after he was discharged, Han Zhifan had to go on a business trip to Hong Kong.

When he returned, it was already five in the afternoon.

On his way back from the airport, he gave Cheng Weiwan a call.

It was inconvenient at the time – Cheng Weiwan was in a meeting at YC – so she declined his call.

Before she could reply to Han Zhifan with a text, Han Zhifan’s text came through first. He asked to meet up with her that night at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Cheng Weiwan replied with “okay” then added, “I’m in a meeting” before putting her phone back into her pocket.

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