Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 506
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 506
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 506: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He put her down on the sofa beside him and with his head down, he nibbled on her fair skin.

His lips and hands were all over her soft body, exciting her like never before.

Having never experienced this before, her body trembled violently because she was nervous and terrified.


Han Zhifan suddenly stopped moving as his gaze fell upon Cheng Weiwan’s tightly shut eyes. Her fragile look made her appear helpless yet particularly captivating.

In that split second, he wasn’t sure what was going on with him as his heart softened in his chest. He ac-actually wanted to let go of her…

No, you can’t!

Since he found out she was Cheng Weiguo’s daughter, he had been waiting for this very moment.

He put so much thought into getting onto her good side and pleasing her. He went so far as to even play out the frightening scene of the hero saving the damsel in distress.

I can’t give up just like that!

What’s more, he promised over Lili’s dead body that he would definitely avenge her suffering!

Lili… As her name flashed across Han Zhifan’s mind suddenly, the image of his eighteen-year-old self fruitlessly screaming to wake the girl lying in the pool of blood flashed before his eyes…

The pain drained Cheng Weiwan’s face of blood and her body turned a little stiff.

Seeing as she didn’t cry out in pain, she was probably shy. All she did was bite on her bottom lip.

As he watched the lovely, pitiful look on her face, Han Zhifan pursed his lips and looked away. Then he started to recklessly and cruelly warm her soft body without mercy.

Waking up the next day, He Jichen took Ji Yi out first to eat breakfast then he took her back home.

It was ten in the morning and He Jichen had an early meeting, so he didn’t stay at the Ji family’s house for long. Instead, he politely bid Ji Yi’s mum and dad goodbye then headed back to the office.

Even though Ji Yi took care of He Jichen for ten days when he was in the hospital, that didn’t improve the relationship between the two of them. However, this time, their relationship seemed to improve a lot more after He Jichen patiently stayed with her from afternoon till the evening after she was hurting over the botched recording.

However, when Ji Yi and He Jichen parted, neither of them contacted the other for a while.

Because of Ji Yi’s leg injury, she couldn’t go outside; all she could do was play games with Tang Huahua like she did during her summer holiday.

She and He Jichen got into contact again because she complained about being hungry while playing games with Tang Huahua. Tang Huahua immediately sent her a photo of a big plate of crayfish on Weibo with the words: “My mum just cooked dinner for me.”

Ji Yi replied to Tang Huahua with a “disdainful” emoji then rubbed her empty belly. The more she thought about it, the more she thought about how mean Tang Huahua was, so she took a screenshot of their conversation. Then she put it up on Moments with a comment: “Where’s the true love they speak of? It’s all a lie…”

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