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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 508
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 508: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was from that day onwards that Ji Yi and He Jichen started to keep in contact.

At first, they would chat just once every three or four days. Eventually, they would say a few words every day then, later on, they would talk every day without breaks from morning till evening.

Women naturally liked to complain. Before she and He Yuguang got divorced, Ji Yi liked to go to He Yuguang whenever something happened. After the divorce, she and Tang Huahua started to play games, strengthening their friendship, so naturally, Ji Yi started to complain to Tang Huahua.

Now unbeknownst to her, as she and He Jichen started talking more and more each day, she gradually got into the habit of going to him whenever something happened.

At first, Ji Yi and He Jichen chatted through text. Later, Ji Yi complained that typing was too much hassle, so she started to send He Jichen voice notes.

“He Jichen, I went to see a movie today. It was the newest one in theatres. The storyline was unbelievable garbage.”

“He Jichen… how can Chanel’s newest handbag collection look so damn good? How am I supposed to choose…”

“He Jichen, say… why are women so difficult to support? If it’s not going to the toilet, then it’s browsing on Taobao. My cart has sooo many things in it!” After she sent the message, she sent a screenshot of her cart.

“He Jichen, say… what’s so special about this cake? Wasn’t it only promoted online for a short time? They don’t actually deliver but you have to line up to buy one!”

He Jichen didn’t have as much free time as Ji Yi, so it was no wonder he couldn’t keep up with her messages. Sometimes he’d wait until he finished work to open his WeChat only to see a series of messages from Ji Yi.

They were mostly ramblings of a little woman’s heart. To He Jichen, there were many things he simply could not understand. For example, Ji Yi would be torn for a long time over what to have for dinner or she would wail for a long time after eating a piece of fruit after eight in the evening because she was afraid to get fat.

However, no matter how he could never understand her troubles, He Jichen always listened attentively to Ji Yi’s messages.

Sometimes, he was crazy busy and multi-tasking so he listened to her voice messages while working.

Chen Bai, as He Jichen’s personal assistant, practically never left He Jichen’s side aside from when he was asleep.

He could see that He Jichen’s mood had been really good lately. He even had a new interest – when he was working, he liked to put on earphones.

At first, Chen Bai thought He Jichen was listening to music, but it wasn’t until one time when he incidentally glanced over at He Jichen’s phone screen that he realized He Jichen wasn’t listening to music after all.

Whenever He Jichen had earphones in while working, he wasn’t very focused. Sometimes, he would type on the computer then suddenly stop like he was listening attentively to what was being said. After about one or two minutes, he would call Chen Bai’s name and order him to carry out some task.

“Chen Bai, buy Chanel’s entire collection of newest handbags. Then tell them to deliver it to this address.”

“Chen Bai, I sent a screenshot to your phone. Buy everything on there and send it to the same address I sent you.”

“Chen Bai, go to Cat Eat Cookie Alley and buy two slices of blueberry yogurt cake. Oh and deliver them to the address I sent you earlier too.”

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