Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 509
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 509
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 509: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Chen Bai had never gone to Ji Yi’s house with He Jichen before, so at first, he was pretty confused who He Jichen was sending these items to. He lined up for four hours under the scorching sun and carried two slices of cake worth no more than two hundred yuan all under He Jichen’s orders. He didn’t know who lived at that address but realized it was actually Miss Ji’s house when he heard a familiar voice say, “Who is it?” when he rang the doorbell…

He couldn’t help but secretly call himself dumb deep down.

He must’ve known that the address was Miss Ji’s house.

After all, she was the only woman in this world capable of remaining in He Jichen’s heart. Aside from Miss Ji, there was no one else.

On the fourth day, Chen Bai delivered some cake to Ji Yi and accidentally discovered that the reason why He Jichen put earphones in while working was to listen to the voice messages Ji Yi sent him.

It was then that he started to realize that men with cold exteriors like He Jichen could still be deeply passionate.

It was a Wednesday at seven in the morning when Chen Bai arrived at He Jichen’s room.

He Jichen was eating breakfast. Chen Bai stood to one side and was relaying He Jichen’s schedule for the day when He Jichen’s phone rang.

It was a message from Ji Yi. She typed the line: “He Jichen, help me choose. Which dress looks better? I want to wear one for a follow-up appointment at the hospital later.”

Chen Bai was standing behind He Jichen when the phone rang. He was instinctively glancing over at He Jichen’s phone when he saw a line of text.

Chen Bai paused in his reporting of He Jichen’s schedule and He Jichen chewed on his breakfast more slowly as he glanced at the several photos Ji Yi sent him.

The photos were of a couple of dresses and they all looked good. If it was Chen Bai, he would definitely have replied: “They’re all pretty.”

But He Jichen looked at those pictures like he was reading an important document. After repeatedly studying them for some time, he chose the nude dress and replied with his choice to Ji Yi.

This little incident was over quickly.

When He Jichen finished breakfast and entered the bedroom to change, Chen Bai followed behind him as he hadn’t finished reporting his schedule.

Chen Bai didn’t go through the changing room doors but leaned against the door frame while he watched He Jichen choose his clothes and continued to talk.

Inside He Jichen’s changing room were mostly black and white clothes and barely any clothes of other colors.

He Jichen naturally chose a black shirt before he waved his hand to interrupt Chen Bai and signal for him to leave for a while.

He Jichen took off his pajamas and was about to change into the black shirt when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a piece of clothing of another color in the corner of his wardrobe. He hesitated for a moment but chucked the black shirt onto the floor and chose the mustard yellow t-shirt to wear.

Chen Bai was waiting outside the changing room when He Jichen signaled for him to return. He continued with his earlier report but after two words, he suddenly stopped speaking when he noticed the mustard yellow t-shirt He Jichen was wearing.

After no more than three seconds, he pretended nothing had happened and continued to speak. However, deep down, he couldn’t help but secretly mutter: Mr. He, this is forcing Miss Ji to match with you…

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