Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 514
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 514
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 514: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (14)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When Ji Yi got out of the car, the minivan behind them happened to also open its doors. She instinctively glanced over to see a graceful, lilac silhouette elegantly emerge from the car.

Even though Ji Yi didn’t catch the face, she could still recognize that it was Qian Ge.

After Qian Ge found her footing, she sensed someone watching and turned her head in Ji Yi’s direction. Her eyes only vaguely glanced over Ji Yi’s face like she and Ji Yi didn’t know each other at all. Then she headed towards the security area by the reporters beyond the red line while revealing a perfectly well-trained smile practiced over the years.

Qian Ge wore a long, magical dress today and had her long hair in an updo with fine strands of hair falling around her fair neck. Her every expression seemed polished and honest. She looked a lot more majestic and dainty than ever before.

Ji Yi didn’t waste too much energy on Qian Ge as she quickly withdrew her gaze and walked down the red carpet with Zhuang Yi towards the entrance to the BL Charity Gala.

Each celebrity who entered had to leave their signature at the signing area in front of the interview and photo area.

Ji Yi picked up a pen from the lady MC and signed “Ji” onto the red board. Qian Ge, who originally stepped onto the red carpet after her, actually caught up to her. She stood next to her and signed her name at the same time.

Side by side with Qian Ge, Qian Ge’s popularity was far greater than Ji Yi’s. As they stood shoulder-to-shoulder together, practically all the reporters and attention were on Qian Ge.

In contrast to Qian Ge’s glow, after Ji Yi signed her name, she held her pen and shot a faint smile at the reporters in front of her. Only one or two lights flashed over her face.

Because Ji Yi and Qian Ge finished signing at the same time, the two of them also walked over to the interview area together.

Just like at the photo area, the eyes of the presenter in charge of the interview immediately lit up when she saw Qian Ge. “Our nation’s first love, Qian Ge, has arrived…”

Qian Ge and the presenter knew each other, so when she heard the presenter, she immediately plastered on a bright smile, made her way over and hugged her.

There were far too many celebrities at the BL Charity Gala today, so every celebrity had less than five minutes for their interviews. Qian Ge smiled brightly and shared two words then the presenter appropriately suggested, “Please go on in, Qian Ge, and get some rest.”

Qian Ge replied with a slight smile: “Alright.”

After Qian Ge left the interview area, Ji Yi was meant to be introduced next. However, after Qian Ge spoke, she glanced behind Ji Yi as though she saw a new fascinating world. Qian Ge cried in excitement: “Wow, our King of the Silver Screen, Shi Yang, is here.”

Ji Yi already blended into the crowd, but with Qian Ge now mentioning the renowned Shi Yang, the presenter’s full attention was naturally drawn towards him, ignoring Ji Yi. “Coming up next to our interview area is Shi Yang, who just received the title of ‘King of the Silver Screen’ last month…” the presenter said to Shi Yang after he finished signing.

Next to the interview area was the entrance to the BL Charity Gala. The lady in charge of clearing the door area and maintaining the flow of the red carpet immediately came forward and politely said to Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi, “I’m sorry, the two of you can’t stay here for long. Could you both please go on in?”

Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi couldn’t just leave because they didn’t get introduced, so the two of them first smiled apologetically at the lady MC. They entered the hall one after the other.

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