Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 515
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 515
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 515: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (15)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi wasn’t stupid since she had worked in showbiz for many years now, nor was Zhuang Yi stupid, as she’d managed quite a few celebrities. Even though both of them maintained their smiles calmly on the red carpet, after entering the hall and taking a seat, Zhuang Yi still couldn’t help but whisper into Ji Yi’s ear: “It’s obvious Qian Ge did this on purpose. She clearly walked on the red carpet after you and she’s more well-known than you are. She started walking down the red carpet slower than you as she had to consider each reporter and let them all take photos of her. But eventually, she ended up in the signing area at the same time as you, obviously to steal your limelight. She didn’t even give you the chance to show your face!”

In contrast with Zhuang Yi’s agitation, Ji Yi looked unaffected, accustomed to all these little tricks long ago after encountering them an infinite number of times. She shifted her train of thought then started to survey the hall.

“Also, in the interview area, she obviously did that on purpose too. What kind of status does Shi Yang have? For her to take the initiative and mention Shi Yang, why would the presenter and reporters bother with you…”

Zhuang Yi saw Ji Yi looking around, so she followed her gaze. In the end, Qian Ge entered from behind them and happened to enter their field of view.

Even though Qian Ge couldn’t hear Zhuang Yi’s voice, Zhuang Yi immediately stopped talking.

Qian Ge also saw Ji Yi. The moment Ji Yi’s gaze fell on her face, she deliberately curled the corners of her lips at Ji Yi, revealing a proud smirk. Qian Ge walked over to the VIP lounge with her manager and assistant.

After Qian Ge took her seat, Zhuang Yi spoke again. In contrast to before, she sounded even more agitated. “Did you see that smirk? She clearly did it on purpose…”

Ji Yi surveyed all four corners of the room like she hadn’t heard what Zhuang Yi said.

“Tell me, what kind of person is she?! I used to think she was great, friendly, and humble. Now, I realize that it was all a facade! Facade! Facade!”

Zhuang Yi repeated the word “facade” three times, trying hard to repress the flames within her heart. She took a deep breath. She was about to continue to speak when Ji Yi finally found the person she was looking for. “Zhuang Yi, stay here. I need to do something, so I have to step away for a bit,” said Ji Yi suddenly.

As she said this, Ji Yi didn’t wait for Zhuang Yi to ask for clarification. She got up and walked towards the south-west corner of the hall.

With no one around, it was quieter over there.

A man with his back against the busy hall was on the phone.

Ji Yi didn’t walk over and disturb him but quietly waited instead. After seeing him hang up the call and turn to walk to the center of the hall, she quickly cried out with a little uncertainty, “Cheng Ke?”

Cheng Ke came to a stop and looked over at Ji Yi.

Ji Yi arched her brows and spoke as though she was greeting him after not seeing him for a long time: “It really is you! Haven’t seen you for four years. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

The two of them really hadn’t seen each other for four years. Back then, they happened to work together. Cheng Ke probably forgot about her long ago as he looked a little confused.

“You don’t remember me? That’s fine. Four years ago, I worked with you once…” As Ji Yi said this, she pulled out her phone and opened the screenshot of Qian Ge’s photo on Weibo. Ji Yi brought the photo in front of Cheng Ke’s face. “… Do you remember what happened in this photo? Four years ago, you and I worked on a commercial together. Qian Ge was also there and we had dinner there once.”

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