Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 516
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 516
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 516: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (16)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As Ji Yi said this, Cheng Ke finally remembered. “Oh, I remember that did happen. You’re…”

Ji Yi could tell Cheng Ke just couldn’t remember her name, so she finished the sentence for him. “I’m Ji Yi.”

“Yeah, yeah. Hello, Ji Yi.” Cheng Ke politely reached his hand out towards Ji Yi.

“Hello.” Ji Yi shook Cheng Ke’s hand with a smile. When she released her grip, Ji Yi casually said, “You and Qian Ge have been good friends for the past four years now. Four years ago, she posted a photo of you on Weibo and she’s always said she’s wanted to work with you and look! The two of you are now going to get on stage together and do a duet.”

As Ji Yi’s crisp, captivating voice slipped from her lips, she noticed that although Cheng Ke had a smile on his face, there was a cold tinge in his eyes.

She knew Cheng Ke had been misled by her words.

He and Qian Ge hadn’t really contacted each other in private, but her vague words naturally made him feel like Qian Ge was using him to become more popular.

This undoubtedly struck a nerve with him.

There were some words that would raise suspicion if you said too much.

Ji Yi knowingly let his misunderstanding stand. “I have something to do over the there, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Cheng Ke nodded. “Alright.”

Ji Yi turned around and pretended to walk away. After taking two steps, she acted like she remembered something and turned her head. “Oh right! Qian Ge and I are good friends. You probably knew that four years ago. If you have time later, when she and I grab some food, I’ll ask her to invite you too…” Ji Yi kindly offered.

Qian Ge and I are best friends, so when I suggest eating together, I’ll ask Qian Ge to call you.

By saying this, Ji Yi inadvertently told Cheng Ke that Qian Ge often mentioned him in front of her and Qian Ge told her that they were close.

People in showbiz weren’t ordinary; especially to get to Cheng Ke’s position, he had to be smart.

It was just as Ji Yi expected. After Cheng Ke heard what she said, his smile disappeared. All he coldly said was, “We’ll see.”

Ji Yi didn’t mind Cheng Ke’s coldness as she said “Goodbye” with a sweet smile. She turned around and walked back to Zhuang Yi’s side.

The BL Charity Gala started promptly at eight.

Ji Yi had no business to do tonight, and she didn’t need to show her face on stage, so she wasn’t really interested in what was happening on stage or the awards. All she did was keep her head down and play games on her phone.

At about twenty past eight, Ji Yi got He Jichen’s WeChat message: “The plane is late. Just arrived in Beijing.”

Three days ago, He Jichen went on a business trip to Taiwan. He was meant to arrive in Beijing today at four in the afternoon, but he had only just arrived now.

Ji Yi tapped the screen and replied to him with one word as she usually did when she was chatting with Tang Huahua: “Lame.”

After it was sent successfully, Ji Yi instinctively wanted to take it back, but He Jichen had already seen it. She hurriedly added the “covering the laugh with her hand” emoji then she sent a few more words: “Quick, get back and rest.”

“Mhm.” He Jichen replied with a single word. After some time, Ji Yi got another message. “What are you doing? Playing games with Tang Huahua?”

Ji Yi instinctively tapped a “No” on the screen, but later, she remembered what she had to do later, so she deleted her “No” and replied with a lie: “Yeah.”

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