Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 52
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 52
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 52: Shut Your Mouth (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When Ji Yi reached He Jichen’s floor, she hesitantly stood in front of his door for a while, then raised her hand to press the doorbell.

The doorbell rang for a long time without any answer until it stopped automatically.

He Jichen’s not home? That can’t be right. Mum clearly told him that I’d be coming over tonight… Ji Yi furrowed her brows and raised her hand to press the button again.

Just like the first time, it rang till the end and the door didn’t open in the slightest. Nor did it look like it was going to be opened by anyone.

Maybe something urgent came up, so he had to leave at the last moment?

Ji Yi thought hard about it for a moment and figured this was great. She came and he wasn’t home, but she could tell her mum that she tried. Then she could tell her mum that she was busy with class, and she didn’t have time to go a second time…

At that thought, Ji Yi carried the supplements and headed back to the elevator doors. She reached her hand out, but just as she was about to press the button, a “ka-cha!” was heard from behind her.

Ji Yi’s entire body tensed up. After two seconds, she turned her head and looked over.

He Jichen’s door was shut tight earlier, but there was now a crack at the door. Someone had pulled it open.

She didn’t know why he was so late to come to the door, but it was completely open a short while later.

He Jichen was dressed in sky-blue pajamas and his hair was a complete mess. It was just as he told her mum over the phone—he had only just woken up. She wasn’t sure if it was because he was under the corridor lights, but his face looked pale.

He saw her but didn’t make a sound.

After what happened four years ago, Ji Yi always felt weird about seeing He Jichen. She stood there nervously on the spot for a while before she calmed down and walked over to him, carrying the supplements.

She didn’t get too close. When she was about a meter away, she stopped and raised the bag to his face without even looking up at him. She quickly said, “My mum wanted me to give these to you.”

Seeing as he didn’t take them after about a minute, she bent over to put them on the floor. “So er… it’s getting late, I’ll be heading out now.”

As she said that, Ji Yi turned around and rushed towards the elevator.

Because He Jichen was behind her, she was a little tense as she pressed the elevator button.

As she watched the red numbers change on the elevator, she prayed for it to go faster. Just when she saw that it had arrived at He Jichen’s floor, she suddenly heard a “dong!” from behind her.

Ji Yi instinctively turned her head to find He Jichen, who had been standing at the door, had now fallen to the ground…

That was when Ji Yi saw his face clearly. His face wasn’t pale because of the corridor lights—it was really drained of blood.

His brows and eyes were shut tight. He looked completely exhausted and his whole body looked unwell.

So he didn’t sound weak over the phone because he’d just woken up; it was because he’s… sick?

“Ding-dong!” Ji Yi averted her attention from He Jichen and turned to look at the elevator. It coincidentally opened at that exact moment.

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