Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 522
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 522
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 522: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

All of a sudden, Qian Ge felt the fire in her chest burn even more fiercely.

Seeing just how weak and helpless Ji Yi was, the fire in Zhuang Yi’s heart grew as she ripped off the hand covering her mouth. “Xiao Yi, what’re you afraid of? She’s the one in the wrong…”

“Zhuang Yi, I beg you – don’t say anything. Stop!” Ji Yi hurriedly interrupted. She stealthily stabbed her own thigh and used the searing pain to force out some tears. Then she pretended as though she was afraid Zhuang Yi would get on Qian Ge’s bad side if she continued speaking. She turned towards Qian Ge and said, “…Qian Ge, sorry, sorry…”

Then she acted as though all she wanted to do was immediately patch things up. She said to Zhuang Yi, “Zhuang Yi, let this go. What’s more, I trust Qian Jie didn’t do it on purpose. She probably never realized she used so much force and slipped up…”

Slipped up?

She’s obviously telling everyone I just forcefully pushed her?

She ruined my dreams of getting on stage with Cheng Ke and now she’s defiling me like this?

Since Ji Yi first appeared by Qian Ge’s side and told her what she said to Cheng Ke, Qian Ge had been forcing herself to suppress the fire in her heart. When she heard what Ji Yi said right then, all of sudden her stern voice broke out, “Bullsh*t!”

Ji Yi waited a long time for Qian Ge to lose it. As soon as she heard Qian Ge swear, her whole body flinched like she was unbelievably afraid and she hid behind Zhuang Yi while she secretly stabbed her own thigh with all her strength.

The pain made the corners of her eyes burn and tears burst out. Ji Yi’s lip quivered as she pretended to be in pain and she said weakly, “Qian Jie, don’t be mad. I was wrong. I spoke out of turn…”

The more delicate and feeble Ji Yi looked, the more Qian Ge’s fury grew in her heart. She even raised her voice as she said, “Quit acting! Do you think I really can’t tell that you’re pretending to look this pathetic?!”

Ji Yi’s body trembled fiercely and she acted so scared that she didn’t dare say anything. All she could do was tightly grab onto Zhuang Yi’s arm with tears flowing down her face.

How could Zhuang Yi just watch as Qian Ge scolded Ji Yi? What’s more, there were so many live cameras on them. As a professional manager, she had to protect her artist at all times. There were some words Ji Yi couldn’t say, but as Ji Yi’s manager, Zhuang Yi had the ability to stand up before everyone and say them. With that thought, Zhuang Yi said, “Miss Qian, do you feel a certain way about Ji Yi so you’re deliberately making things difficult for her?”

“Shouldn’t I be the one to ask you guys? Are you both working together to make things hard for me?” Although Qian Ge’s question sounded rhetorical, with Ji Yi sprawled across the floor, she sounded unusually bossy.

“Miss Qian, let’s not talk about anything else. Let’s just talk about tonight alone! When you arrived at the charity gala tonight, you were behind Ji Yi, but then you rushed ahead to be interviewed. After that was over, you mentioned the King of TV, Shi Yang, ruining Ji Yi’s chance of being interviewed let alone show her face at all! Then she was ushered right into the hall…” Even if there was anything else, Zhuang Yi wasn’t going to bring it up because there was no evidence. On any other night if she kept talking, she might end up worse off, but tonight, the red carpet walk was televised. As long as someone rewatched it, they could easily confirm what she said.

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