Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 523
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 523
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 523: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (23)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge probably never imagined that Zhuang Yi would suddenly bring up what happened on the red carpet. She was completely stunned for two seconds before she said, “That’s bull! Why would I need to pick on her? Since when did she even qualify to be worth picking on? She and I could…”

Before Qian Ge could finish, her manager found out what was happening and hurriedly rushed over to lecture her to stop. “Qian Ge!”

As Qian Ge’s manager’s voice dropped, she was already at Qian Ge’s side. She reached out, pulled on Qian Ge’s arm, and shot an apologetic smile at everyone around her. Then Qian Ge bolted out of the dining hall.

On the way out, she happened to brush by a reporter for a live broadcasting station who stopped Qian Ge. “Excuse me, Miss Qian Ge, may I ask if what Ji Yi’s manager just said was true? When you walked down the red carpet, did you really stop Miss Ji Yi from getting any press coverage?”

Qian Ge didn’t have time to react as her manager spoke first. “Excuse me, but we’re not accepting interviews at this moment. Thank you.”

With that, Qian Ge’s manager walked right around the reporter. She continued to hold Qian Ge back from reporter questions as she left the dining hall.

Qian Ge left the set, so Ji Yi’s scene should come to an end.

The expression on her face was still panicked and helpless when Zhuang Yi lifted her up from the floor.

She knew that after Qian Ge left, all the stations would now focus on the other main character. Ji Yi raised her leg and deliberately pretended as though she sprained her ankle. Her leg went limp as she let out a painful yelp that she couldn’t hold back.

“Did you sprain your ankle again?” Zhuang Yi hurriedly supported Ji Yi by the arm to prevent her from falling over.

Ji Yi shook her head and replied softly, “No.”

Her ankle was injured, so she naturally couldn’t stay any longer. Ji Yi pretended the pain had passed as she waited on the spot for a while. With Zhuang Yi’s assistance, she carefully limped out of the dining hall and left the gala early.

There was only Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi in the elevator to the underground parking lot.

When the elevator doors closed, Ji Yi pulled her arm back from Zhuang Yi then sluggishly leaned against the elevator wall.

Seeing Ji Yi like that, Zhuang Yi suddenly froze. After about five seconds, she instantly realized… “So…”

Zhuang Yi’s voice was a little high. Even though they were in an elevator and nobody else could hear them, she lowered her voice a little: “… you didn’t actually sprain your ankle?”

Ji Yi curved her lips into a smile at Zhuang Yi and nodded then she pulled out her phone. She clicked into a live stream of the gala.

Even though some time had passed since that incident between her and Qian Ge, the comment section was still talking about the whole incident.

“Geez, what kind of ‘Nation’s First Love’ was this?! She’s practically an evil empress!”

“Empress? So young? She’s obviously the empress dowager!”

“I never imagined that Qian Ge was such a bossy and domineering person. I feel so sorry for the new girl. She apologized so humbly, yet Qian Ge was so unforgiving!”

“The new girl sprained her ankle – poor thing!”

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