Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 524
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 524
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 524: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (24)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Whatever! After this, I’m supporting the new artist too! I just followed her Weibo. Her name is Ji Yi. It’s Xiao Yi.”

“I just watched the coverage again. When they walked down the red carpet, Qian Ge really did pull one over on Ji Yi. After the interview, she deliberately mentioned my dream guy, Shi Yang. My poor dream guy, he was used as a tool…”

“Qian Ge, that scheming b*tch! She actually used my dream guy Shi Yang!”


Zhuang Yi looked at Ji Yi watching the coverage and suddenly understood her intentions. She hurriedly pulled her own phone out and opened Weibo.

With all the stars gathered at the BL Charity Gala, the incident was bound to be tonight’s hottest topic.

Due to Qian Ge’s popularity and after what happened to Qian Ge and Ji Yi during the live broadcast, the incident appeared on the top searches board soon enough.

“Empress Chunyi and Princess Qing Yang Live PK.”

“Qian Ge Puts Down New Artist, Ji Yi.”

“The ‘Nation’s First Love’ Qian Ge is a Scheming B*tch.”

As Zhuang Yi went through the list, she spoke to Ji Yi standing next to her: “Three threads about the incident between you and Qian Ge already made it to the top searches and one of the topics entered the top ten. According to current trends, those three threads are going to make it to the top three.”

Zhuang Yi swiped her screen, scanned some Weibo messages, and said, “Everyone on Weibo is dissing Qian Ge! Especially Shi Yang fans – their comments are the fiercest, saying she used Shi Yang like a tool!”

When Ji Yi heard this, she glanced at Zhuang Yi. “What a coincidence. The live anchors are also all criticizing her too.”

“Serves her right!” replied Zhuang Yi, who was happy to see Qian Ge in trouble. Then she continued to stare at her phone for a while like something was on her mind. She turned her head and spoke to Ji Yi: “Xiao Yi, you didn’t go to the BL Charity Gala because you wanted a chance to get some publicity, did you? You came for Qian Ge, right?”

Ji Yi briefly glanced at how the anchor criticized Qian Ge then she sluggishly replied to Zhuang Yi with an “Mhm.”

Zhuang Yi was smart. When she heard Ji Yi’s reply, she immediately understood everything. However, she stared into Ji Yi’s eyes, full of surprise and admiration.

A month ago, when Ji Yi was recording the variety show and got into that accident which ruined everything, she didn’t say anything but thought Ji Yi was more or less useless.

At the time, she thought He Jichen only offered her a high salary to be Ji Yi’s manager because Ji Yi was overly incompetent.

It wasn’t until today that she realized she was wrong. Not only was Ji Yi not useless – she could actually outsmart others.

How could such a person make such a simple mistake during the recording for the variety show?

With that thought, Zhuang Yi spoke as though she suddenly understood something, “Last time during our variety show recording, did you trip because someone set you up?”

Regarding that incident, Ji Yi had no conclusive evidence so she only told He Jichen her suspicions. After hearing Zhuang Yi’s guess, Ji Yi was a little surprised deep down. But she remembered what Zhuang Yi said when she pretended to be hurt; she knew Zhuang Yi was truly on her side. With no option to continue keeping her suspicions from Zhuang Yi, Ji Yi nodded right away and said, “Yes.”

Ji Yi thought about explaining what happened that day to Zhuang Yi in detail, but before she could, the elevator reached the underground car park.

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