Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 529
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 529
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 529: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (29)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“You called me a disappointment and a failure, but one of these days, you’re going to get stepped on by me, this ‘failure’!”

“What happened today is a good example of that. Everything of mine that you used back then to rise to fame, I’m going to make you lose them, bit by bit!”

“Let’s take Cheng Ke for example. You knew him because of me, so because of me, I made you lose any chances of working with him! Cheng Ke is just the beginning; there are other people to follow. For example, four years ago, the male lead I worked with, Dai Luo, now interacts with you on Weibo every now and then. In fact, they say you’ll be filming your next series with him!”

Ji Yi didn’t want to get angry with Qian Ge, but a fire ignited in her heart when she called her a b*tch.

When I was younger, I once wholeheartedly treated Qian Ge well, but now I wholeheartedly hate her!

I could probably forgive anyone in this world, but not Qian Ge. I can’t do it, nor can I ever do it!

Because I poured my heart and soul out in the past just to end up betrayed, I care even more now!

When Ji Yi finished what she said, she didn’t give Qian Ge any chance to react.

Just as she lowered the phone from her ear and prepared to hang up, a hand blocked her from doing so.

In shock, Ji Yi turned her head to see He Jichen. She had no idea when he left the car and walked over to her side.

She moved her lips, wanting to speak. He Jichen however, pulled out a phone from his pocket to make a call.

JI Yi’s mind was rattled by He Jichen’s random actions. With furrowed brows, she heard He Jichen raise his own phone and relayed what she had said on the public phone in a dull voice. “Is this Chen Bai? Call Dai Luo. I want him to work with Ji Yi on ‘The Tempestuous Grand Tang’…”

After Chen Bai replied, He Jichen hung up both phones then told Ji Yi in a flat voice, “Get in the car.”

With that, He Jichen turned on his heels and walked over to the car first.

Ji Yi continued to stand in the phone booth for some time before she realized what He Jichen’s actions meant.

Ji Yi said such harsh words to Qian Ge then said she’d steal Dai Luo. He Jichen stopped her from hanging up and called Chen Bai to tell him he wanted to sign Dai Luo to work with her on the new series.

He was stabbing another knife into Qian Ge, torturing Qian Ge with her… But his knife cut a little deep…

Even though He Jichen had spoken on another line, Ji Yi could definitely imagine that Qian Ge simply exploded with anger!

“Ji Yi,” cried He Jichen as he walked over to the side of the car. He sensed that Ji Yi still hadn’t followed behind him, so he turned his head and cried Ji Yi’s name.

Ji Yi snapped back to reality and hurriedly jogged over.

He Jichen pulled the car door open for her. As she got in, she couldn’t help but look up and smile brightly at He Jichen. “He Jichen, your call just now… that was on purpose, wasn’t it? You did it just so Qian Ge could hear. She’s definitely mad as hell!”

He Jichen didn’t speak but bent over to help fasten her seatbelt and headed back to the driver’s side. When He Jichen started the car up, Ji Yi turned around to face him. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she said, “He Jichen, did you know just how long I’ve been holding that anger inside? Tonight, I was finally able to let it out!”

“After she twisted my ankle last time, she called to make fun of me! That, just now, is called giving her a taste of her own medicine!”

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