Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 531
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 531
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 531: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (31)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He knew her leg just recovered, so if she hurt herself again, he was afraid he’d have to immediately call Dr. Xia to urgently stop by Beiyang Hall.

The journey to Beiyang Hall that normally took forty-five minutes took He Jichen just fifteen minutes.

When he rushed over, the commotion between her and Qian Ge had already calmed down. He was just about to park when he saw Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi through his windshield.

The more Ji Yi was confused by He Jichen’s silent treatment, the more panicked she felt. Her fingers bent slightly as she thought about how she lied to He Jichen that night. Thinking this was the reason why he was angry, she said in low voice, “He Jichen, are you angry? Angry that I lied to you…?”

When He Jichen heard what Ji Yi said, the ball in his throat rolled up and down.

Yes, I’m angry.

But I’m not angry because she lied to me.

I’m angry because she actually used such stupid methods to defeat Qian Ge.

Even though she wasn’t hurt like last time, he was still mad.

Ji Yi noticed that He Jichen still hadn’t said anything and figured she guessed right. Ji Yi pursed her lips and couldn’t help but lower her head and quietly say, “Sorry He Jichen, I didn’t mean to lie to you…”

Before Ji Yi could finish speaking, He Jichen’s head shot up and looked at her. “Did you know just how dangerous it was for you to do that tonight?!”

Because he was mad, He Jichen’s tone was stern. He was so fierce that Ji Yi’s voice instantly disappeared.

“If you didn’t adjust your weight when you fell, you could’ve seriously sprained your ankle and then what? Do you realize your leg only just recovered after an entire’s month of rest?!”

The more He Jichen spoke, the angrier he became. “And Zhuang Yi, what was with her? You made trouble and she was willing to join you?!”

Ji Yi wasn’t stupid; she knew that behind He Jichen’s fury, he was mostly worried about her.

Even though she was being yelled at, her heart actually felt warm. She wasn’t scared of him like she was when he was angry with her in the past. In fact, as his anger grew, she hurriedly spoke with a cute voice, “Am I not okay though?”

“But what if? What if something happened? You’d continue to sit in a wheelchair for another month?!”

Faced with He Jichen’s fury, Ji Yi shot him a sweet smile.

He Jichen wanted to continue talking, but all of a sudden the words wouldn’t come out. He glared fiercely at Ji Yi then looked away, out the car window.

The car instantly fell silent.

Ji Yi knew the anger in He Jichen’s chest hadn’t subsided, and she knew he only had her best interests at heart. After some time, she softly tried to sweet-talk him. “Okay okay, don’t be angry…”

He Jichen ignored her.

Ji Yi reached her arm out, tugged on He Jichen’s sleeve, and gently shook it. “I’ll treat you to dinner, yeah?”

Her touch warmed the cold air around He Jichen and curved his tightened lips.

“He Jichen…” Seeing as He Jichen still wasn’t willing to look at her, Ji Yi let out three chirps in the lovable way she usually messaged him on WeChat. “chirp chirp chirp!”

The anger in He Jichen’s chest instantly disappeared. He turned his head to glance at Ji Yi and after some time, he finally spoke. “Don’t do that ever again.”

Such simple, ordinary words, yet somehow, they touched the deepest, softest part of Ji Yi’s heart.

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