Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 535
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 535
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Tang Huahua was eating at her granddad’s house and hadn’t returned yet, so there was no way she could play with Ji Yi. Ji Yi didn’t want to play on her own, so she figured she would cuddle up on the sofa and browse Taobao on her phone.

At around eight, she got a WeChat message on her phone. It was Bo He sending her new year’s blessings and a red envelope.

After Ji Yi accepted it, she sent one back to Bo He then remembered she hadn’t given blessings to her friends yet. She drafted a message and sent it to all her friends on WeChat.

After the photo was successfully sent, she started receiving endless new year’s blessings from her friends.

Fatty sent a voice note: “Happy new year, great demon!”

Since she and Fatty had dinner at Lou Wailou after shooting “Three Thousand Lunatics” and he told her that he used to secretly call her “The great demon,” he’d been calling her the great demon in their conversations.

After Ji Yi finished listening to the voice note, she was about to reply to Fatty when he sent her another voice note: “Great demon, I watched your new drama. Your acting’s not bad!”

Fatty sounded like he was outside because it was a little noisy and there was a faint sound of singing.

The first time she read “great demon,” Ji Yi wanted to make a comeback but she changed her mind when she heard Fatty compliment her new drama. Instead, she changed the message she was going to send to:”Where are you? It’s so noisy.”

This time, Fatty didn’t reply with a voice note. Instead, he sent a video. The first person to appear on the video was Fatty with a cigarette in his mouth. He mumbled out the words: “Class reunion party!”

After he spoke, he turned the camera around for Ji Yi to see that he was in a karaoke room with a group of guys and girls who were drinking.

Because the lighting was dim, she couldn’t clearly see a lot of people’s faces. However, Ji Yi could tell that they were the group of friends He Jichen hung out with during senior high school.

Ji Yi figured that He Jichen was there too, so she looked carefully for him but wasn’t able to catch sight of him by the end of the video call. She quickly sent Fatty a message: “What about He Jichen? How come I didn’t see him?”

“Chen Ge?” Fatty’s message was sent as a voice note again, but his voice sounded a little shocked this time. “He didn’t come back to Sucheng. Didn’t you know?”

He Jichen’s not back in Sucheng?

Two days ago, when she bumped into He Jichen at YC and when they had dinner together, she asked him if he was heading back to Sucheng for new year’s. He only replied with “Mhm.”

Ji Yi thought Fatty was messing with her, so she continued to type: “Fatty, stop messing around. Hurry, send me a secret video of He Jichen.”

“I’m really not messing with you. Chen Ge really didn’t come back to Sucheng.” This time, Fatty’s voice sounded a lot more serious.

Ji Yi furrowed her brows when she realized Fatty wasn’t joking around. But she still wasn’t so sure, so she hesitantly replied: “Two days ago, he told me he was going back to Sucheng for new year’s.”

“Chen Ge lied to you, silly! He’d spend new year’s anywhere but Sucheng.”

Ji Yi’s heart dropped when she understood the meaning behind Fatty’s words and typed a single word: “Why?”

After waiting some time, Ji Yi was about to send another message but then Fatty finally replied.

This time, Fatty didn’t send a voice note. Instead, he sent a long string of words.

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