Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 546
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 546
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 546: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi practically didn’t sleep all night. There were many times when she wanted to grab her phone and glance at the online discussions. However, the moment her fingertips touched the screen, they shrank back again at the very thought of those vicious comments.

Ji Yi repeated this for who knew how many times. The sky outside slowly got brighter and her body was so exhausted that she couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, Ji Yi fell asleep.

Even if she was asleep, Ji Yi didn’t sleep well as her entire body woke up every now and then. She would flip over then groggily fall back asleep. After sleeping, waking up, and tossing and turning like this repeatedly for who knew how long, Ji Yi fell deep asleep again after much difficulty. She only managed to sleep for no more than over an hour before she suddenly woke from her dreams.

It was already bright outside. The sun shone brightly the day after new year’s, gloriously radiating over the entire city.

Ji Yi reached for her phone and checked the time. It was just before half past nine in the morning; she slept for less than four hours.

Seriously sleep deprived, Ji Yi just couldn’t sleep, so she figured that she might as well get up.

Ji Yi’s mom had breakfast ready, but Ji Yi didn’t have the slightest bit of appetite. She messily drank half a bowl of congee and headed back into the bedroom.

Just as she closed her door, the phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Zhuang Yi: “Xiao Yi, didn’t you say a while back that you wanted to go to the Maldives? Look, do you and your parents have free time the next few days? Or your friends even? I can ask the company to arrange a holiday for you all to go to the Maldives.”

Even though Zhuang Yi never mentioned how she was randomly accused of plagiarizing Qian Ge’s performance, Ji Yi could tell that the situation had escalated severely in the news.

Ji Yi was naturally curious about how the situation developed, but she didn’t quite dare face it, so she didn’t mention anything. She just replied to Zhuang Yi with, “No thanks. I don’t want to go anywhere these days.”

“Alright. For the next few days, you should eat, sleep, and spend your holidays at home,” replied Zhuang Yi quickly.

Ji Yi replied with an “Mhm.”

After about half a minute, Zhuang Yi sent another message: “Oh right, Xiao Yi. It’s best if you don’t read the news or Weibo or that kind of thing.”

Ji Yi replied with another “Mhm” then exited the chat.

Aside from her WeChat Moments, she received a new notification. Ji Yi tapped it to see that it was a notification for Chen Bai liking the picture she posted on new year’s eve on her Moments.

After reading the notification, Ji Yi casually swiped through her Moments and the first Moments status about her was: “The Tempestuous Grand Tang” can now be changed to “Ji Yi’s celebrity impressions show.”

This Moments group had some of her classmates from B-film.

The people replying below were mostly her classmates from B-film who Ji Yi had also added as friends so she could see the laughing at her first-hand.

“‘Impression’, that word is too soft. This is blatantly stealing!”

“I truly never thought you could even plagiarize a performance. WTF!”

“The problem is that even if she plagiarized another actress’ performance, shouldn’t she have been so obvious? She even copied the amount of times she trembled her finger exactly! *laughing crying*”

“Ji Yi counts as a disgrace to our B-Film!”


The following words were even more hard-to-read. Ji Yi’s fingers swiped up and continued to read the Moments below.

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