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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 548
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 548: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

There was a part in the scene she performed which was exactly the same as the day she asked Yuguang Ge for a divorce. The female clearly had the male character in her heart, but she was forced to give up on him.

So when she rejected the main actor, she didn’t dare to look at him. All she did was stare up at the sky and hold back the tears in her eyes as she read her lines with a determined voice.

She experienced the pain of enduring a parting before, so when she read her lines, she paused mid-sentence to better repress her emotions. After she calmed down, she continued to speak.

After she said the line “From here on, you and I are through,” she didn’t dare glance at the male character. She got up and turned around while crying and left.

“I love eating mangoes” used this exact scene.

She was definitely the one who acted it out, but in “The Legend of Qingcheng,” Qian Ge’s farewell to the supporting male character happened to be exactly the same.

When she rejected the supporting male character, she stared up at the sky too without daring to look at him.

There wasn’t a single difference between their lines nor the location where she broke up with him. Qian Ge even managed to copy how she silently clenched her fists to accentuate her sadness.

When she said her final line, Qian Ge got up, turned around, and cried. Aside from the different people acting, the whole picture of her leaving was practically the same as in “The Tempestuous Grand Tang”!

Ji Yi was confused by why this was all happening after what “I love eating mangoes” posted on Weibo yesterday, but she didn’t think much of it. She figured that the scene was purely coincidental.

But this scene couldn’t possibly be a coincidence!

This was a scene from my personal experience!

Even if Qian Ge’s acting is impeccable, she couldn’t have possibly acted exactly the same way as me!

U-unless it was Qian Ge…

At that thought, Ji Yi’s fingers suddenly clutched her phone.

…Unless Qian Ge posted a spy around me to get ahold of my scenes from “The Tempestuous Grand Tang” then copied all of my best performances!

For a period drama, it’d take at least two and a half to three months to film if they rushed production.

“The Legend of Qingcheng” took just two months to shoot. When they announced they finished production, Ji Yi was confused as to how they filmed so quickly!

Also, after Qian Ge suffered such a big loss at the BL Charity Gala, she wasn’t heard from in a long time. Ji Yi thought something was wrong. With her personality, how could she just let what happened at the gala slide?

At that very moment, Ji Yi understood everything.

Qian Ge didn’t let it go at all! She was just digging a ditch for five long months, waiting to bury me, Ji Yi, alive!

Qian Ge purposefully rushed the process to finish filming “The Legend of Qingcheng” and beat “The Tempestuous Grand Tang” in broadcasting first.

If this really did happen, Qian Ge was the true plagiarizer who came off as the original creator. Yet, I’m the creator who’s being called a little thief on Weibo this very minute!

When she entered showbiz four years ago, she learned full well that online opinions and scandals like this could annihilate a celebrity.

For Qian Ge to do something like this, she undoubtedly wanted to label Ji Yi as someone who plagiarized other people’s acting.

This was a problem of ethics. As soon as the thought had been planted in other people’s minds, she was afraid of this for a long, long time, perhaps her whole lifetime. She couldn’t possibly dream of making a comeback in the entertainment industry.

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