Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 557
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 557
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 557: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (17)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi shook her head profusely, wanting to drive out the noise from her head but it only served to make the noise even louder. Eventually, it was so loud that her temples began to throb in pain, bringing her to tears. Her tears came crashing down unexpectedly from the corners of her eyes.

When the elevator doors opened, she frantically ran out of the office and took a right into a small alleyway by the office.

Both shops beside the ally were closed and the streets were quiet and empty without a single soul in sight.

Ji Yi walked quite a bit deeper into the alley. Like a deflated balloon, she crouched down, put her head between her knees, and started to sob.

How did things turn out like this?

He Jichen did call me last night to comfort me and stay with me. How could he turn around and say things like that to Chen Bai?

He’s always treated me really, really well! He signed me with YC and fired Director Lin for me. He even went against the board of directors! At the time, I was really touched that I even attended the BL Charity Gala the day after my leg finally healed. I did it just for him because I wanted to work hard to repay him for everything he did for me.

Back then, I really viewed him as someone I could rely on in my life.

I really believed him, which is why I went straight to him when I wanted to complain about something… Because I subconsciously thought this entire world turned its back on me, but he would never do that.

So at the beauty salon, when I heard Qian Ge say those things, I thought it was hilarious.

I had such confidence that He Jichen wasn’t how she described.

I was certain everything Qian Ge said was made up.

I even confidently said such harsh things to Qian Ge.

What’s more, I even got mad when I heard Qian Ge say “he and I are alike”… Now, it seems like the joke was on me… I even called Qian Ge a clown when in actual fact, I was the clown!

The more Ji Yi thought about it, the more fiercely her eyes watered. She felt her heart being viciously torn apart. The pain made it impossible for her to breathe.

How did things turn out like this?

How could he, who treated me so well, turn out to be one of the people behind the scandal?

Is it really like how Qian Ge described? Am I really just his money-making tool? Are my life and death really not the least bit important to him?

As long as the rumors about me increase ratings for “The Tempestuous Grand Tang” and shares for YC, does it not matter at all to him if my reputation gets ruined and everyone gives up on me?

Though her heart endured the suffering of people cursing her out online, Ji Yi never cried about it.

But here and now, she cried like a helpless and hopeless child.

She really, really wanted to believe this was all fake, but it was such a shame she heard everything He Jichen and Chen Bai said with her own ears!

How devastating! She couldn’t even trick herself.

Ji Yi wasn’t sure how long she’d been crying when her tears dried. Then she raised her head up from her knees.

The sun already reached the West and the golden glow already turned completely red.

So, she’d cried for almost an entire afternoon…

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