Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 561
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 561
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 561: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (21)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Miss Ji Yi, if you’re doing this to promote yourself, don’t you think this method is a little hard for people to accept?

“Miss Ji Yi…”

Practically everyone chimed in, but aside from the very first question asked, Ji Yi couldn’t hear any of the questions clearly as the latter questions were all mixed in together. Ji Yi couldn’t hear what they were asking with all that chatter.

The reporters noticed that Ji Yi wasn’t replying, so they started to ask even more obnoxious questions.

“Miss Ji Yi, can we take your silence for a confession?”

“Miss Ji Yi, I want to ask, is this person next to you your mother? Then can I ask your mother a question? When you raised your daughter, did you not teach her the ethics of not plagiarizing?”

“Yes, Ji Yi’s mother, could you please tell us – don’t you feel ashamed of seeing your daughter completely plagiarize someone else’s performance?”

The reporter who directed his question to Ji Yi’s mum then pushed the microphone over towards her.

Following those earth-shattering questions attacking Ji Yi’s mum, Ji Yi snapped to her senses from the chaos caused by the group of people surrounding them.

Without thinking twice, she took a step forward and blocked them. “Sorry, I hope you can direct all your questions to me and not drag my family into this. Thank you.”

As Ji Yi said this, she wanted to take her mum back into the elevator and into the beauty salon again to call Zhuang Yi for some help to get out of this mess.

A reporter must’ve figured out what Ji Yi was thinking as she ran to block their way. Soon enough, Ji Yi and her mum were surrounded by them again.

“Miss Ji Yi, could you please answer my last question?”

Seeing Ji Yi speak, the reporter pushed the microphone even further out towards Ji Yi and her mum.

Entrapped by reporters all around her, Ji Yi and her mum had no path to retreat, so all Ji Yi could do was say the words at the tip of her tongue: “Excuse me, I’m not accepting any interviews today. If everyone could please move aside…”

Those reporters were never going to let Ji Yi go… As her voice fell, another wave of questions came pouring in.

News about her was blown up online for everyone to see, so it was normal for reporters to want to interview her. However, for them to know of her and her mum’s last minute plans to go to the beauty salon, they must’ve been followed. Yet, if that were true, only one or two would’ve turned up – there definitely wouldn’t be a whole crowd of reporters like this. There was just one possibility – someone leaked her whereabouts.

And for so many reporters to be contacted in such a short time, there could be no other person responsible but Qian Ge, who she bumped into at the salon earlier that afternoon…

Ji Yi knew she couldn’t escape the group of reporters without an army of assistants.

She didn’t have her phone on her, so she could only borrow her mum’s phone.

After she unlocked her mum’s phone screen, Ji Yi realized she didn’t have Zhuang Yi’s number memorized. In her mind, she quickly went over all the people who could help her get out of her situation right now, but aside from He Jichen’s number, she had no one else’s number memorized.

If what happened in the afternoon hadn’t come to light, she wouldn’t have hesitated to call He Jichen.

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