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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 563
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 563: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (23)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Madam, Miss Ji Yi did something wrong. Why aren’t you letting her in front of the camera to give everyone an explanation? Would you rather call the police and insist on leaving with Miss Ji Yi to protect her? Deep down, do you believe it wasn’t an accident that your own daughter plagiarized other people’s work?” The live reporter noticed Ji Yi’s mother had opened her mouth and immediately aimed the camera right at her.

From the moment the reporters surrounded Ji Yi and her mum till now, it wasn’t clear just how many times they heard the words “Ji Yi plagiarized Qian Ge’s performance.”

As a mother, it might’ve looked like she was blaming and yelling at her daughter, but in actuality, it truly hurt her heart.

Maybe she became a little impatient with the harassment from the reporters, or maybe she really wanted to fight for her daughter’s justice, because when Ji Yi’s mother spoke again, she sounded serious and stern. “On this matter, I don’t believe those things online. I believe my daughter.”

Ji Yi’s mother’s words piqued every reporter’s interest and incited wave after wave of questions.

“Madam, are you saying you think your daughter didn’t copy Miss Qian Ge?”

“Madam, the videos online clearly show your daughter plagiarized Miss Qian Ge’s performance. What you’re saying is that you’re siding with the offender?”


But before the reporters could finish asking their questions, a sudden loud clamor came from the main doors.

“It’s true! The news was right; that little b*tch Ji Yi really is here!”

“Quickly everyone! Today, we have to force her to apologize to our queen, Qian Ge!”

About a dozen young girls and boys came rushing in.

“Little thief Ji, apologize to our queen!”

“Yeah! That b*tch is shameless to dare to steal our Qian Ge’s act. Did you think that us ‘Cornstarch’ are timid?!”

“Wow, that b*tch’s mum actually said she believes her daughter on live TV!”

“Well, sh*t… so that b*tch’s mum turns out to be a b*tch too!”

Having caught that line, Ji Yi instantly turned her head and looked over at the group of young girls and boys rushing towards them through the reporters. Her voice turned serious as she cried, “How could you say that? How did your parents raise you all!? Apologize!”

“Apologize? You should be the one to apologize to our queen! Such a shameless person… are you even worthy of an apology?” retaliated the sharp-tongued girl in front. Then someone with an egg in hand reached out and prepared to smash it onto Ji Yi’s head.

Ji Yi’s mum was standing beside Ji Yi. When Ji Yi’s mum saw this, she didn’t hesitate at all to run in front of Ji Yi to shield her.

Following this, many more objects came flying at Ji Yi and Ji Yi’s mum. As they threw things, they screamed, “Apologize to our queen!”

“For stealing our queen’s things!”

The whole situation got out of hand, but the reporters had no intention of controlling the scene.

They took photos and continued to broadcast the whole scene live.

Ji Yi’s mum hugged Ji Yi tightly in her arms so the objects didn’t touch her.

But her fingertips were covered in something sticky. She instinctively glanced down and saw that it was blood.

Did they hurt mum?

Ji Yi instinctively cried, “Stop! Stop!”

Those young guys and guys showed no intention of stopping.

And none of those reporters showed any signs of coming up to help them.

In fact, the live broadcaster sounded just as lively and upbeat as before. “That’s right. These young men and women are all Qian Ge’s fans. They call themselves ‘Cornstarch’ and they came to get justice for Qian Ge…”

Ji Yi wanted to struggle out of her mum’s grip, but her mum held her even tighter.

Ji Yi couldn’t fight her mum’s strength, so her tears came pouring out in frustration.

Just when she was wondering when this nightmare would end, a stern voice was suddenly heard in the lobby doors: “Stop!”

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