Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 564
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 564
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 564: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (25)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just as she was wondering when this nightmare would end, a stern voice was suddenly heard from the lobby doors: “Stop!”

As that voice fell, a heavy series of footsteps could be heard in the lobby.

Ji Yi’s head was pushed hard into her mum’s arms, so she couldn’t see anything around her. All she could do was use the sound of the footsteps to guess that the person was drawing closer to her and her mother.


“All of you, stop now!”

It was the same stern voice, but this time, Ji Yi heard the sounds of girls screaming after the person finished speaking. Then she clearly felt the group of people surrounding her and her mum move away.

Is someone here to save me and mum?

After that thought flashed across Ji Yi’s mind, she quickly remembered that her mum was injured, so she tried to struggle out of her grip again.

Ji Yi’s mum sensed that someone had the situation under control, so she loosened her grip on Ji Yi enough for her to easily break free.

The first thing to come into view was the row of police officers who ushered the group of men and women called ‘Cornstarch’ against the wall. Each person had both their arms behind their heads while crouched on the ground. As for the reporters taking photos and broadcasting live coverage, they had their equipment packed away while they stood to one side.

Secondly, she noticed the messy floor all around her.

There was a phone, blades, cola bottles, broken egg shells, and even middle school textbooks… All those things were thrown at mum just now?

Ji Yi’s fingertips trembled then she quickly turned to look at her mum.

Her mum had looked graceful after finishing her spa treatments, but now she looked like an absolute mess.

Her styled hair was covered in egg and coke. There were also blood stains slowly dripping from her temples.

Ji Yi opened her mouth slightly as her lips trembled like crazy. After a while, she softly cried, “Ma…”

When her mum heard this, she opened her eyes and looked over at Ji Yi. She scanned Ji Yi up and down to confirm she wasn’t hurt then she spoke with a compassionate smile: “Mama’s fine.”

Those two words instantly made Ji Yi’s tears fall.

“Xiao Yi, why are you crying… Mama is fine…” Ji Yi’s mum reached her hand out and gently stroked Ji Yi’s face to wipe the tears away.

Ji Yi held onto her mum’s hand as the tears came crashing down like crazy. She moved her lips and was just about to say “sorry” when she heard a stern voice again. “Mr. He.”

Mr. He… Ji Yi’s body trembled gently for a moment as she stared at her hands around her mum’s fingers. After some time, she slowly turned her head and looked over at the door.

He Jichen took big strides into the lobby in his long, black trench coat.

Behind him, Chen Bai walked at the same pace.

He nodded silently at the police officer who was talking to him then in the next minute, his gaze swept in the direction of Ji Yi and her mum.

When He Jichen saw Ji Yi’s wet eyes, his hasty steps suddenly slowed down and he came to an abrupt halt.

Chen Bai also stopped. Seeing He Jichen and Ji Yi staring at one another for a long time with no reaction, he quietly called out “Mr. He” to get his attention.

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