Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 565
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 565
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 565: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (25)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen snapped back to his senses then his gaze fell on Ji Yi’s mum. When he noticed the trickle of red by her temple, his fingers quivered for a moment then suddenly balled into fists. After about a second, he raised his foot and started walking again towards Ji Yi.

Earlier, when the police cried “Mr. He,” Ji Yi and her mum immediately knew He Jichen was the one who called the police.

While Ji Yi’s mum waited for He Jichen to walk over, she immediately smiled. “Jichen, thank goodness you called the police. If not, I don’t know what Xiao Yi and I would’ve done!”

Ji Yi’s mum’s genuinely thankful smile was like a needle pricking He Jichen’s eyes, causing him to avert his eyes to one side. He quietly replied, “Ji Bomu.” He bent down, trying to help Ji Yi’s mum up.

Then Chen Bai rushed over to He Jichen and he noticed Ji Yi was also crouched on the ground. He immediately reached out and grabbed Ji Yi’s mum’s arm first. “Ji Bomu, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

With that, Chen Bai carefully helped Ji Yi’s mum up from the floor and walked over to the front door.

In the middle of all this mess, only Ji Yi and He Jichen were left.

He Jichen stared at the eggshells by his feet for a few seconds then he turned to look at Ji Yi for just a short second before looking away. Then he reached his hand out and silently pulled her up from the floor.

As he passed the police standing beside them, He Jichen came to a halt with Ji Yi beside him.

He didn’t say anything but looked over at the police officer standing at the front.

The police silently understood what He Jichen meant as he politely said, “Mr. He, don’t worry. Leave things with me; I’ll handle this.”

He Jichen gave a gentle nod then without saying anything, he took Ji Yi’s arm and left.

Once they stepped out of the building, Ji Yi immediately saw He Jichen’s car parked at the entrance.

Ji Yi’s mum was already in the passenger’s seat.

Chen Bai watched the two of them step out and immediately pulled open the back door.

On the way to the hospital, Ji Yi called her dad with her mum’s phone.

Chen Bai called Dr. Xia in advance, so when they reached the hospital, he was waiting for them at the entrance.

As Ji Yi’s mum entered the operating room, Chen Bai went downstairs to check her in. At the waiting area outside the operating room, Ji Yi and He Jichen were left alone once again.

Ji Yi was worried about her mum, but she also remembered He Jichen and Chen Bai’s conversation at YC that afternoon, so she intended to stay silent.

He Jichen looked like he had something on his mind as he stood in front of the window not too far away. He stared out at the night sky with the same silent demeanor.

Not too long after, Ji Yi’s dad arrived in a hurry.

After Ji Yi’s dad asked how Ji Yi was, he chatted a little with He Jichen.

Ji Yi’s mum was severely injured and the cut was a little deep. Dr. Xia gave her a few stitches then quickly came out of the operating room.

Ji Yi’s mum could leave the hospital afterward, but He Jichen was worried there’d be problems down the line with the wound on her chest, so he asked Dr. Xia to prepare a room for her for the night to make sure she would be okay.

With Ji Yi’s dad there, they didn’t need so many visitors lingering at the hospital.

Originally, Ji Yi and her mum planned to go out to get their minds off recent events, but things ended up like this. Ji Yi’s parents were worried about their daughter, so when they saw He Jichen there, they asked him to take Ji Yi home.

On the way to the hospital, the atmosphere wasn’t so awkward because Ji Yi’s mum and Chen Bai were present and shared a few words.

However, on the trip heading home, He Jichen and Ji Yi didn’t say a word. Naturally, Chen Bai didn’t dare say anything, so the atmosphere in the car felt particularly flat.

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