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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 576
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 576: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (36)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After Chen Bai said this, he didn’t give Qian Ge any chance to react as he pulled out a recording pen from his pocket. He turned it on and put it by the mic.

At first, there was a short swishing sound “sha sha sha.” After about ten seconds, a man’s voice was heard. “Yes, that’s right. I’m a reporter for Tangerine. I only found out that Miss Ji Yi was at SF Beauty Salon because Qian Ge’s assistant called me to leak that info.”

After the man’s voice dropped, a woman’s voice was heard a few seconds later. “I’m the reporter for WF. Qian Ge and I have worked together a few times, so I’m rather close to her assistant. I rushed right over as soon as Qian Ge’s assistant called to tell me that Miss Ji Yi was at SF Beauty Salon. After all, this whole thing got so big; everyone wants to be the first to get exclusive insider news.”

Following that, a few more testimonies were heard from other reporters, all stating that they found out Ji Yi was at SF Beauty Salon from Qian Ge’s assistant or from a friend of a friend of Qian Ge’s assistant.

The final recording wasn’t of a reporter, but it was a rather young-sounding voice. They sounded frightened because their voice was trembling like crazy. “I’m not from the ‘Cornstarch.’ Qian Ge’s assistant is a big sister of mine. She gave me two thousand RMB to take all my friends to SF Beauty Salon and surround Ji Yi. I really never imagined things would get so bad. Mr. police officer sir, you won’t really put me in jail, will you?”

When the recording ended, Chen Bai raised the mic to his lips again. “I got these recordings from the police. The incident that happened at SF Beauty Salon has been all over Weibo. I believe you don’t need me to repeat it. I just want to ask Miss Qian Ge – if you repeatedly insist the video was meant to slander you, why did you leak Ji Yi’s whereabouts to the reporters after you bumped into her at SF Beauty Salon? You also asked a few young kids to surround Miss Ji Yi and her mother, which even ended in her mother getting injured?”

Faced with Chen Bai’s questions, Qian Ge’s mind instantly froze.

That day at the SF Beauty Salon, she was pissed off at Ji Yi’s arrogance, so she did ask her assistant to leak her whereabouts to reporters. She even asked her assistant to make as much trouble for Ji Yi and her mum. However, she never imagined her assistant would be dumb enough to ask a group of rude school kids to make the situation so serious… But luckily, regarding Ji Yi’s scandal and the fans causing trouble, she wasn’t implicated even though the situation blew up.

At first, she thought it was over, but who knew that Chen Bai would get up on stage with a recording and make the truth public like that?

Qian Ge felt the calmness of the room she achieved with her quick-witted response once again become chaotic.

She knew that this wasn’t looking good for her.

However, as long as she stood with Li Yaoyao and said the video was just part of Ji Yi’s scheme to slander her, Chen Bai’s big reveal would look a lot weaker than her claim. Even if it did affect her, it wouldn’t be fatal. But, who was to say there wouldn’t be a lot of people despising Qian Ge’s way of thinking or believing that Qian Ge deserved it after learning what Chen Bai revealed about her!

With that thought, Qian Ge spoke out. “Mr. Chen, I’ll answer your question in a moment. Let’s please resolve my problem first. Thank you.”

Having said that, Qian Ge trotted over to the row of seats in her high heels and stopped in front of a young woman. “May I ask – are you Ji Yi’s assistant, Li Yaoyao?”

Perhaps Li Yaoyao was frightened by this kind of scene because she just stared at Qian Ge for a while before nodding gently.

“Were you the person in the video just now?” asked Qian Ge again.

Li Yaoyao continued to nod but this time, she hesitated for a moment then cried, “It was me.”

“I’m sorry Miss Li, you and I are not close. Could you explain to me for a moment what actually happened in the video?” After Qian Ge said this, she put the microphone out in front of Li Yaoyao.

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