Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 577
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 577
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 577: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (37)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Li Yaoyao looked frightened by the microphone pushed in front of her mouth and she timidly glanced at Qian Ge then swiftly lowered her gaze. She seemed stumped by Qian Ge’s question as she bit her bottom lip for a long time without saying anything.

Seeing that Li Yaoyao didn’t say anything, Qian Ge was confused for a second but almost immediately understood what Li Yaoyao meant.

Li Yaoyao must’ve only chosen to hesitate because she wanted to avoid arousing suspicion.

After all, if Li Yaoyao immediately confessed that the video just now was meant for Ji Yi to frame her and she had no choice but to participate in it, it would actually make everyone suspicious.

Qian Ge praised Li Yaoyao’s intelligence as she put the microphone to her mouth and spoke again. “Miss Li, if everything in that video was true and I really asked you to help me record Ji Yi shooting her scenes for ‘The Tempestuous Grand Tang,’ that would mean we’re really close. Your phone would have my number saved in it, and also, even if you deleted many of those videos, you couldn’t have deleted them all. Your phone must still have them saved, so could you please take your phone out and show everyone?”

Qian Ge only made such a request because she was certain that when she sent Li Yaoyao to be Ji Yi’s assistant, she made sure to erase all ties with Li Yaoyao long ago. When Li Yaoyao helped her take those videos, Qian Ge didn’t let Li Yaoyao send them to her online. Instead, she took Li Yaoyao’s phone, copied all the videos, erased everything off her phone then gave it to someone to return it to Li Yaoyao.

If Li Yaoyao gave her the phone and put it up on the big screen for the world to see, everyone would be able to clearly see that Li Yaoyao didn’t have her number on her contacts, they weren’t friends on WeChat, and there weren’t any videos of Ji Yi in her photo album. Then she could confidently question Li Yaoyao. By then, as long as Li Yaoyao pretended she had nowhere to go, she could answer that Ji Yi made her do it. Then she would clear her name completely and stomp Ji Yi to death!

With her phone in hand, Li Yaoyao heard Qian Ge’s question and hid her hand behind her back.

Having noticed her little move, Qian Ge praised Li Yaoyao even more inside. Clever! I made a good choice in choosing her! That move incidentally told everyone she was guilty and was afraid of Qian Ge looking at her phone.

“Why are you hiding your phone behind you? Miss Li, what are you afraid of? Perhaps you’re feeling guilty over something?” Assuming Ji Yi didn’t have a way out, Qian Ge purposefully emphasized Li Yaoyao’s move.

Faced with Qian Ge’s questioning, Li Yaoyao’s fingers gripped her phone tightly, causing her to tremble.

“Miss Li, may I please borrow your phone for a moment? Thank you.” After Qian Ge said this to Li Yaoyao, she happened to look over at Li Yaoyao and secretly gave her a look to say she could give her the phone now while reaching her hand out.

People not familiar with Qian Ge wouldn’t have noticed the look she gave.

But Ji Yi was different. She knew Qian Ge very well – while others wouldn’t think much of her actions, Ji Yi knew the truth. Qian Ge was giving Li Yaoyao a signal.

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