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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 578
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 578: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (38)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As the party currently under scrutiny, she knew she wasn’t a plagiarizer, and she also knew the video played earlier was genuine.

Li Yaoyao was a spy sent by Qian Ge to work by her side, so the signal Qian Ge sent to Li Yaoyao was secretly telling her to confess that Ji Yi asked her to record those videos…

If that happened, Ji Yi really had no way of bouncing back!

Ji Yi’s heart was in her mouth. She stared at Li Yaoyao on the big screen who was currently hiding her phone even further behind her.

Li Yaoyao’s doing this on purpose, right? The more she acted this way, the more guilty she looked, so when she slandered Ji Yi later, it’d emphasize how truthful and believable her words were.

Qian Ge waited a while, but seeing as Li Yaoyao still wasn’t willing to hand over her phone, she furrowed her brows. Then she reached out to touch Li Yaoyao’s hand.

Qian Ge’s fingertips barely touched Li Yaoyao’s phone when Li Yaoyao cried out in panic like she was extremely upset. “Qian Jie, I’m sorry. I can’t give you my phone!”

I already gave her the signal to say she can give her phone to me. Why’s she still acting this way?

Qian Ge grasped Li Yaoyao’s phone. She thought to herself that this woman still had a lot to learn.

When Qian Ge forcefully grabbed Li Yaoyao’s phone, Li Yaoyao also forcefully pulled it back in hopes of holding onto it. “Qian Ge, you can’t do this! You can’t take my phone! Qian Jie——”

In the end, Li Yaoyao was no match for Qian Ge as the phone fell into Qian Ge’s hands.

The corners of Ji Yi’s lips ran cold when she saw this.

That whole scene between Li Yaoyao and Qian Ge was acted well!

With Li Yaoyao’s phone in hand, Qian Ge said “Sorry” then turned around and walked back up to the stage.

Li Yaoyao followed Qian Ge in a panic and grabbed the corner of Qian Ge’s dress. “Qian Jie!” she cried pitifully.

But Qian Ge ignored Li Yaoyao and handed the phone to the presenter while asking him to pass it to their staff to connect it to the big screen.

Standing at the foot of the stage, Li Yaoyao looked worried sick as she fidgeted endlessly with her hands. Even the expression on her face as she glared at Qian Ge looked like she was pleading.

Qian Ge stood on stage with a smile like she couldn’t see Li Yaoyao and waited for the staff’s response.

On the big screen, Ji Yi could feel the confidence radiating from Qian Ge’s body.

The camera ran back and forth between Qian Ge and Li Yaoyao while incidentally brushing past He Jichen.

He wasn’t in conversation with the older artist like before. He had his legs crossed, casually resting back into his seat with his head down, playing on his phone. From the way his fingers moved, it looked like he was playing a casual little game.

At a time like this, he still had the same unconcerned look on his face.

Ah right… If he wanted to protect me, he wouldn’t have boosted the rumors of me copying Qian Ge, and he wouldn’t have caused me to be surrounded by reporters and subsequently hurt my mum…

Ji Yi suddenly felt unbelievably cold. Her lips pursed gently and she lowered her eyes to prevent herself from looking at the big screen.

Soon after, the female presenter cried out, “The phone is connected to the big screen. Our staff will now open the contacts list…”

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