Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 58
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 58
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 58: Shut Your Mouth (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Her face was pale white and her body was trembling, probably because he had just frightened her. With her lowered, wet eyelashes, she looked so pitiful. She must’ve just been crying.

A sharp pain crept into He Jichen’s heart like it had been struck hard by something.

He instinctively wanted to apologize to her, but after a few attempts, the words wouldn’t come out.

Maybe it was because she’d just cried, but she hiccuped. A few stray tears seeped from her eyes and caught onto her eyelashes. The build-up of water formed a large teardrop that crashed to the ground.

He Jichen’s beating heart felt like it completely shattered as those tears crushed his heart. He gulped. Then, he bent over to pick up his clothes, swiftly threw them on, and walked over to her.

Before he could even take two steps forward, a flash of defensiveness came across her teary eyes as she watched him draw closer.

Why’s he coming over to me? He can’t say this time that I was the one who initiated things. He said he didn’t even want me to utter a single word about him… While he was asleep and groggy, he almost had me… Flashes of what happened that night four years ago flickered across Ji Yi’s mind. My first love that was shattered before it even started, and the humiliation of having my clothes ripped off in the alley… He doesn’t want to embarrass me again, does he?

At that thought, Ji Yi didn’t hesitate to let slip, “Don’t come any closer!”

He Jichen’s footsteps slowed down slightly, but two seconds later, he rushed over to her.

“I told you not to come any closer!” As He Jichen drew closer, Ji Yi grabbed a nearby magazine and threw it at him. “Mr. He, let me tell you! If my mum didn’t have me drop something off for you, I would never have come to see you voluntarily. The only reason I stayed last night was because I didn’t want to owe you anything since you saved me two days ago. So now we’re even. Please stay away from me!”

The magazine hit He Jichen’s leg, stopping his footsteps once again.

Mr. He, we’re even… she can at least use simple words to prick my heart and anger me.

He Jichen gritted his teeth and forced himself to ignore her words. Then he took a big step forward.

He crouched down and reached out his hand to wipe her tears away, but she pounced at him like a tiger before he could do so. She raised her hands and smacked his hand. “Don’t touch me!”

She hit the back of his hand hard, but he felt the pain in his heart.

He tried to suppress his churning emotions and willed himself to be patient. He started to raise his hand again, but this time, she said in a stern tone of voice, “I told you! Don’t touch me carelessly!”

“Mr. He, you know full well what I said to you that night, four years ago…”

What I said to you that night four years ago…

As though his pressure points had been hit, that simple sentence instantly froze He Jichen.

His deep and tranquil eyes narrowed.

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