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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 582
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 582: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (42)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge hadn’t snapped back to her senses when Chen Bai took another stab and said, “So it’s just as Miss Qian Ge and Miss Li Yaoyao’s conversation described in the video. Miss Qian Ge wanted to get rid of Ji Yi, so she purposefully leaked the information to the reporters and arranged for the fans to create trouble by surrounding Ji Yi. Then that situation ended up injuring Ji Yi’s mum?”

As Chen Bai’s words crashed down on Qian Ge, her body swayed violently for a moment.

That’s not right! How did I get so caught up with getting angry at Li Yaoyao that I forgot the main point?

After the whole variety show incident, she immediately bribed the studio’s security department to delete the footage.

With Li Yaoyao’s capabilities, she could never have recovered the security footage. For her phone to have such a video, there must’ve been someone who put it on her phone ahead of time.

If Li Yaoyao wasn’t on her side, she was standing on Ji Yi’s side. Ji Yi was an artist from YC, and YC belonged to He Jichen. He Jichen was a computer games expert in senior high a long time ago…

When she said she wanted to confront Li Yaoyao, Chen Bai stood up.

At the time, she thought Chen Bai just wanted to explain on behalf of the company’s artist. Now she saw this wasn’t the case at all! Chen Bai only played the recording to wait for her to show her true colors then took the chance to add hail to snow…

Before Li Yaoyao was a spy by Ji Yi’s side, she already recorded their conversation together. This meant that back then, Li Yaoyao was already not loyal to her.

Which meant that Li Yaoyao was on He Jichen’s side long ago.

He Jichen knew about her stealing Ji Yi’s performance a long time ago, but he didn’t stop it back then because he was waiting for her to dig herself into a hole.

So from the very beginning, He Jichen had an even bigger plot in mind before she had her own, and his goal for doing so was to help Ji Yi…

At that thought, Qian Ge slowly turned her head and looked over at He Jichen nearby.

On the stage, the atmosphere was buzzing, but He Jichen looked completely unconcerned. He looked completely uninterested by the whole episode that suddenly broke out at the Television Awards.

He looked like he was tired from playing his phone game as he put his phone away and shut his eyes to get some rest.

His face looked unusually gentle as the lights of the Television Awards beamed down on his face. He looked less distant but more warm and elegant, like an exquisite painting – harmless and visually stunning.

However, a hint of fear crept into Qian Ge’s heart when she saw He Jichen like this.

With her eyes on the big screen above the mall and a cream puff in hand, Ji Yi held her breath in shock at everything that just unfolded.

She wasn’t stupid. She also figured out what Qian Ge just figured out!

Because Qian Ge stared in the direction of He Jichen’s seat for a long time, the cameraman cut to where she was looking.

In the midst of all the commotion, the sight of peaceful He Jichen with his eyes shut barged into Ji Yi’s sight.

Ji Yi’s fingers around the cream puff trembled abruptly, causing the cream puff to fall right to the ground.

She stared right at He Jichen as her vision started to gently shake along with her body. After some time, she abruptly covered her mouth with her hand.

So as it turned out, it wasn’t what she thought it was. The truth was that He Jichen never gave up on her. From beginning to end, he’d been helping her…

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