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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 585
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 585: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (45)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Faced with a crowd of reporters, Chen Bai used his quick reflexes and rushed in front of He Jichen.

“Sorry! We’re not accepting interviews. Everyone, please move aside,” apologized Chen Bai as he used his arm to block the reporter and make way for He Jichen. To avoid getting overcrowded by reporters, he made a path for him as he walked forward.

The reporter didn’t let He Jichen go easily as they raised their cameras and microphones, following closely behind Chen Bai and He Jichen. They continued to pester them.

“Mr. He Jichen, may I ask, did you know about tonight’s events beforehand?”

“Mr. He Jichen, does YC have anything to do with exposing Miss Qian Ge’s schemes to sabotage Miss Ji Yi tonight?”

“Mr. He Jichen…”

Faced with the reporter’s questions, Chen Bai patiently answered, “YC Corp will answer these questions on Weibo at a later date. Could everyone please make way…”

The security beside them checked the situation and quickly rushed over to help them with the reporters.

The reporters’ questions didn’t stop there. “Mr. He Jichen, we all know you directed Qian Ge’s ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ and your partnership with her was uneventful. Now, she and your signed artist got into such an incident, so may I ask: would you still consider working with Qian Ge in the future?”

Having already put about two meters between himself and the reporters, He Jichen suddenly paused when he heard this question.

Chen Bai, noticing that He Jichen stopped, did the same.

He Jichen had his back to the crowd of reporters for two seconds before he turned around and looked at them behind the security guards holding them back.

He stood his ground. With a calm look on his face, he spoke with an unusually stern and decisive voice: “No, YC won’t be working with someone so despicable and wretched!”

He Jichen paused for a moment then added, “And I believe that anyone with a conscience and moral compass would not work with such an artist!”

Which went to say that whoever worked with Qian Ge had no conscience or moral compass.

Ji Yi always knew how harsh He Jichen could sound, but she had to admit that this time, He Jichen’s harsh words made her feel pretty great!

He Jichen’s reply gave the reporters hope he would consent to a full interview as another two to three questions were tossed out.

He Jichen turned around flatly and walked down the steps like he hadn’t heard their questions.

Chen Bai hurriedly tried to clean up the aftermath by saying, “Apologies, Mr. He has important business to attend to, so he has to leave first. As for other questions, YC will give everyone an explanation in due time.”

As for news about He Jichen’s personal life, the media had never been able to get any information from him.

It was late at night, yet He Jichen had something important to do…?

A curious reporter blurted out, “Mr. He Jichen, the ‘important business’ you have can’t possibly be meeting someone this evening, right?”

After taking two steps down, He Jichen stopped again. This time, only his head turned around and he said in a relaxed voice, “I’m going to a friend’s birthday party.”

As his voice dropped, He Jichen didn’t wait for the reporters to react and took big strides away.

The picture on Ji Yi’s phone screen cut to a celebrity participating to an interview on the scene.

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