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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 588
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 588: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (48)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“He Jichen——” Before He Jichen could finish speaking, a voice was heard from not too far away.

He Jichen’s body shook then his body froze on the spot like his pressure points had been hit.

He was far too familiar with that voice. He was so familiar with it that it felt like he was passing through time, going back to his adolescence.

She appeared on the race track practically every evening when they were close in senior high and she screamed at him on the football field, drenched in sweat. “He Jichen, time to go home.”

He was proud of not going home till late during his rebellious phase, but back then, going home was the best part of his day.

That cry of “He Jichen” just now sounded the same as when Ji Yi used to cry “He Jichen” back on the football field. It was as soft and crisp as a spirited ballad.

After He Jichen’s voice disappeared, there was complete silence all around him.

In the dark of the night, there was the faint sound of someone running.

He Jichen thought it was an illusion as he stared at the open car door for some time. Then he slowly turned his head towards the source of the sound.

Far, far away, he saw a silhouette of someone rushing towards him. The person seemed determined.

Because the parking lot was dim, He Jichen couldn’t see the person’s face, but from her frame, he could tell who it was right away.

He was stunned at first then his heart skipped a beat. He stared at the woman drawing closer and closer as he his heart suddenly felt a rising sense of surrealness.

As the woman’s face became clearer, she slowed down, her run turning into a walk.

With the lights of his car, He Jichen could tell she was wearing a long white dress with a pair of white shoes and a thin, torn jacket over her dress.

Maybe she ran too quickly just now as her hair was stuck to her forehead with sweat, her face was flushed, and her hair was a mess from the evening wind.

She looked into his eyes with an unusual brightness like she had gathered the brightness from all the stars in the universe. They were enigmatic and captivating.

He Jichen stared at her, a little dazed. He felt like he bumped into a deadly fairy who appeared deep in the night like in fairytales.

After she was about five meters from him, she spoke again. It looked like she’d been running for too long because her breath was a little unsteady. “He Jichen!”

He Jichen didn’t react but he glared right at Ji Yi motionlessly like he was a stone statue.

Ji Yi’s voice snapped Chen Bai to his senses and he was the first to cry in shock: “Miss Ji?” He turned to He Jichen beside him and he said with an excited voice, “Mr. He, it’s Miss Ji!”

He Jichen pretended not to hear. He only stared straight at Ji Yi.

Ji Yi continued to take two steps towards He Jichen’s side then she realized that aside from He Jichen and Chen Bai, there was also someone else present.

She instinctively turned her head and happened to meet Qian Ge’s gaze by chance.

Stunned, Ji Yi’s footsteps came to a stop.

After ten seconds, Ji Yi’s gaze jumped from Qian Ge to He Jichen and Chen Bai. “How… is she here?”

“Miss Ji…” Chen Bai didn’t hesitate to explain, but just as he said her name, He Jichen, standing beside him motionlessly, said with a flat tone of voice. “…Isn’t there just three of us here? Me, you, and Chen Bai?”

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