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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 589
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 589: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (49)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Poof!——” Chen Bai couldn’t help but burst into laughter at He Jichen’s interruption.

Mr. He, must your mouth be so harsh?! Aren’t you saying Qian Ge isn’t even a person?

Ji Yi was two steps behind Chen Bai in understanding what He Jichen meant. She initially felt annoyed at seeing Qian Ge, but she suddenly felt a lot better as she quickly arched her eyes.

He Jichen noticed Ji Yi’s smile and his eyes instantly became a lot softer. Little by little, his cold demeanor from talking to Qian Ge earlier receded.

He walked over to Ji Yi while maintaining his deep gaze. “Why did you run till you have a face full of sweat?”

“I was afraid of missing you,” replied Ji Yi honestly without much thought.

Does that mean she came to C city all the way from Beijing just to look for me?

He Jichen’s heart trembled slightly.

He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat off from Ji Yi’s face.

A gust of wind blew in, bringing in the cold chill of the evening.

He Jichen was afraid Ji Yi would catch a cold from the windy breeze, so he put his handkerchief back then cried, “Let’s go. Get in the car.”

“Mhm.” Ji Yi gave a gentle nod as her eyes irresistibly drifted over to Qian Ge.

Qian Ge stood on the spot staring at her and He Jichen with tears in her eyes.

The expression on her face was unusually pale as though she was holding her feelings back. Her fists were tightly balled up and trembling slightly.

Noticing Ji Yi staring at Qian Ge, He Jichen furrowed her brows. “It’s pitch-black over there. There’s nothing there. Is there anything worth seeing?”

While He Jichen said this, Ji Yi withdrew her gaze from Qian Ge. From the corners of Ji Yi’s eyes, she managed to catch a single line of tears running down Qian Ge’s face.

Another gust of wind blew in and He Jichen spoke again. “Don’t just stand there. You’ll catch a cold.”

This time, Ji Yi didn’t say a thing but replied to He Jichen with a sweet smile. Then she walked over to the door Chen Bai opened and got in.

But she only managed to take two steps before He Jichen grabbed her wrist.

Ji Yi turned her head and looked over at He Jichen in confusion.

When He Jichen bent down and touched Ji Yi’s shoes, she realized she ran so fast that her laces came loose.

Her foot instinctively took a step back as she was about to crouch down and tie them.

However, He Jichen’s reflexes were faster than hers. He beat her to it by holding onto her ankle then he quietly said: “don’t move.” With one swift move, he tied her laces into a beautiful butterfly knot.

After He Jichen got up, he didn’t say anything but shot Ji Yi a look to go ahead.

He Jichen waited for Ji Yi to take a step before he got up.

One after the other, the two of them walked over to the car door. Just as Ji Yi was going to get into the car, Qian Ge unexpectedly cried, “He Jichen, I spoke to Ji Yi the day I bumped into her at TF beauty salon. Did you know that?”

“I told her you had a hand in blowing up her scandal!”

He Jichen always assumed Ji Yi didn’t know a thing about it, but Qian Ge was now suddenly bringing it up again. His feet came to a complete stop.

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