Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 59
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 59
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 59: Shut Your Mouth (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Before he could reach her, his fingertips suddenly curled into fists. The strength of his clench made his veins protrude from the back of his hand.

“…Whether it’s now or four years ago, you know very well that from the start, I …”

Ji Yi’s soft lips pursed as she didn’t see any change in He Jichen’s face. She attempted to continue but suddenly He Jichen snarled, “Shut up!”

Ji Yi paused momentarily at He Jichen’s roar.

He had a shockingly tough aura about him. Her eyes were filled with fear as she lightly pursed her lips. After a few seconds, she spoke again with less confidence, “Why won’t you let me finish? You should know that night four years ago I had too much to drink…”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” He would’ve been fine if she hadn’t mentioned what happened four years ago, but as soon as she did, He Jichen was unable to contain his anger; he was like a monkey with static hair. He now appeared ruthless and cold.

Ji Yi didn’t stop but spoke a little quieter, “…I said…”

“Shut your mouth! Shut up! Do you hear me? Shut up!” roared He Jichen with his body trembling. He Jichen couldn’t tell if he was actually mad, or if he was just afraid… afraid that he’d hear the same words she said four years ago. Since she refused to stop, he lost all reason. Suddenly, he raised his hand and mercilessly hurled it towards her.

Ji Yi instinctively shut her eyes in fear and stopped speaking.

There was an intense wind from his fist as it brushed past her ears and smashed into the wall.

With the sound of a “dong!”, blood dripped from his fist and fell onto her shoulder. The sticky liquid made her skin crawl and left her silent.

The room was silent for just a second before He Jichen clutched her with his bloody hand and lifted her face up, forcing her to gaze at him.

His eyes were practically dyed a frighteningly bloody red.

He spoke through gritted teeth and an intensely angry expression, “You’re not worthy of talking shit to me! Who do you think you are? If you hadn’t laid next to me, do you think I would’ve even bothered to touch you?”

“Let me tell you, it was just a natural physical male reaction!”

After all was said and done, she couldn’t escape it. She still had to hear his humiliating words.

However, it was fine since she could leave and it wasn’t like she hadn’t heard it all before…

On one hand, Ji Yi was telling herself not to care about what He Jichen was saying. On the other, she was holding her breath in an attempt to keep a calm expression on her face.

No matter what he said to belittle her or make her lose face, he hadn’t reached her limit. She didn’t allow herself to show any hurt or suffering in front of him.

Her emotionless face only served to rile He Jichen up. As he clutched her chin, he spoke even more harshly than before and emphasized every word.

“But I’m pretty lucky; I’m glad I woke up at that vital moment. If I really did fuck you in a daze, that’d be disgusting!”

“After all, it was stomach-turning enough to have done such nasty things with you four years ago!”

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