Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 594
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 594
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 594: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (54)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen’s lips really were slightly curved.

I misunderstood him, yet he’s actually happy?

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen’s lips for a while as her gaze slowly rose to his eyes.

His deep, beautiful eyes were radiating with a warm glow.

With just one look, Ji Yi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat when she felt her own gaze was locked onto He Jichen’s eyes like a magnet.

It wasn’t clear just how long they held their gaze like that.

The atmosphere in the back of the car gradually started to become a little uncomfortable.

He Jichen’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. With robotic movements that didn’t look like his own, he slowly edged closer to Ji Yi’s face.

His face drew closer and closer to hers – so close that they felt one another’s breath.

His eyelashes were long. With their faces so close to each other, his eyelashes brushed across hers when he blinked. The itchy sensation made Ji Yi’s eyelids twitch slightly as she couldn’t help but close them shut. Then she clearly felt his lips press onto her own…

Just as she felt the heat of his lips draw closer, the car came to a sudden stop. Chen Bai’s voice came from in front: “Mr. He, Miss Ji, we’ve arrived at the hotel.”

He Jichen’s lean-in to kiss Ji Yi was suddenly interrupted by Chen Bai’s words.

He was stunned for a moment until the cloudiness in his eyes became a little clearer. Then he slowly realized just how close he was to Ji Yi’s face…

After Chen Bai switched off the engine, he noticed how quiet it was in the back, so he turned his head back to look. When he saw the scene in the backseat, he immediately said, “Mr. He, sorry, I…”

Chen Bai didn’t finish what he was going to say when He Jichen twitched his brows slightly. He came to his senses and shot Chen Bai a menacing look, immediately telling Chen Bai to not utter a word. Chen Bai swiftly pushed the door open and ran out of the car.

As Chen Bai swung the door shut heavily, Ji Yi also returned to her senses.

Before her eyes opened, He Jichen had already withdrawn himself from her body.

Even so, the atmosphere in the car was still unbelievably awkward.

He Jichen and Ji Yi sat in the back of the car shoulder-to-shoulder for a while before He Jichen said, “Let’s get out.”

Ji Yi let out an “Mhm” and suddenly her heart started to race.

Just then, did He Jichen want to kiss me?

If we weren’t interrupted by Chen Bai, would he have kissed me?

Ji Yi initially felt awkward, but with some thought, she suddenly felt a hint of regret for some reason.

After hearing Ji Yi’s response, He Jichen didn’t stay in the car for too long and he immediately pushed the door open and got out.

The cold wind outside poured into the car. The chill pulled Ji Yi back from her thoughts and immediately put a stop to the swirling thoughts in her mind. She also got out of the car right after He Jichen.

Knowing that he’d just interrupted something special, Chen Bai didn’t dare glance at He Jichen when he got out of the car. Instead, he hid far away and said, “I’ll go book a room for Miss Ji…” then slipped into the lobby before He Jichen could respond.

When He Jichen and Ji Yi entered the lobby, Chen Bai had already picked up their room key cards.

When Chen Bai handed Ji Yi a key card, He Jichen took it right from him. Then He Jichen’s and Chen’s eyes met when Ji Yi wasn’t looking.

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