Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 597
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 597
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 597: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (57)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The night she saw that Chen Bai really did leak information to “I love eating mangoes” on Weibo, she understood why she was tempted to but didn’t dare ask He Jichen why he did it.

She understood why she flew to C city without telling her parents after she saw what happened to Qian Ge on the big screen and learned about He Jichen’s true intentions.

She understood why she was so nervous when Qian Ge told He Jichen that Ji Yi didn’t believe him.

And she understood why she felt so anxious after He Jichen didn’t reply when she showed him the recording on her watch in the car and apologized.

Moreover, she understood why she felt some regret inside when he didn’t kiss her…

Because——she had fallen in love with him.

When she decided to get a divorce from He Yuguang, she was resolute when she told herself to stop having feelings for He Jichen.

But now, she realized her heart was uncontrollably lost to him long ago, all throughout the time they spent together.

It was no wonder she revealed her feminine side to him by complaining and rambling on about tons of unimportant things.

It was no wonder she immediately ran to see him on new year’s eve when she found out he wasn’t at home.

It was no wonder she cared so much when he hyped up her scandal…

Since she loved him, she was used to relying on him and telling him about everything; because she loved him, she wanted to be with him when she found out he was spending new year’s day alone; because she loved him, she cared more than anyone that he hyped up her scandal; because she loved him, she cared more than anyone about what he once said to her; because she loved him – really really loved him – she dropped everything to rush over to him overnight, afraid he’d think she didn’t believe him. It was no wonder she looked forward to his kiss…

This love felt stronger, more intense, and deeper than she ever imagined.

This love crept into her life a lot earlier than she imagined.

Before she even realized she had feelings for him, she might’ve already fallen for him. She just didn’t want to end things with him so suddenly like she did with He Yuguang, so she fooled herself by saying she was only “moved” by him.

And maybe this love was so deep that even though they got into arguments when they were younger and she thought she would never fall for him, she eventually started to get these strange feelings she denied was love…

But no matter how she tried to run away or lie to herself, no matter how slow she was, after seeing the tree filled with lipsticks covered with different languages; after she learned how guilty he felt for implicating her mum in his plan; after he said he hoped this would be the last time he gave her lipstick, there was no escape. She couldn’t find any more excuses to lie to herself or any way of fooling herself. She had to face the truth: She was unexpectedly, deeply in love with him.

Knocking came from the toilet door.

She must’ve been in there too long without making a sound. Every now and then, He Jichen cried out “Xiao Yi?” with a worried voice.

“Xiao Yi?”

After He Jichen cried her name countless times, Ji Yi blinked quickly as she stared at her own eyes in the mirror and slowly came back to her senses.

When Ji Yi composed herself, she turned the tap off and walked over to the door.

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