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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 606
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 606: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She kissed me?

And she even told me she was just helping me out because she thought I didn’t like Xia Yuan.

Her way of helping is really weird… So weird that He Jichen’s heart bloomed beautifully like a flower.

Actually, He Jichen didn’t have the heart to tell her that the person he was video chatting with was his mum, not Xia Yuan.

Later, he only talked to Xia Yuan because his mum told her Xia Yuan was going to get married and to not be so cold to her.

Honestly speaking, Xia Yuan’s engagement announcement shocked him. After all, she always said she would marry him or not marry at all.

But after the initial shock, he was mostly happy. He was destined to never be able to reciprocate Xia Yuan’s feelings. He truly liked Ji Yi. He knew far too well what it was like to truly like someone, so he truly hoped Xia Yuan could find happiness with another man.

When he was talking with Xia Yuan about her setting a date for the wedding, He Jichen heard Ji Yi’s shriek of pain.

Without even thinking it through, he rushed over to her side. Seeing as she was just fine, he wanted to finish his conversation with Xia Yuan, but he never imagined that Ji Yi would actually take the initiative to kiss him…

He wasn’t sure if her kiss was truly to help him or if there was some jealousy involved, but at least he could be sure she wanted to kiss him. That meant that deep down inside, she didn’t hate him anymore, right?

With that, the smile on He Jichen’s lips grew wider.

Time really was a powerful and beautiful thing. It could change a person’s view on another, and it could bring two people closer together…

Actually, he had a lot of doubts and suspicions he wanted to clear up tonight, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Because he was afraid he was being too impatient and would scare her.

He thought she was treating him so differently now that in the future, she might slowly accept him, like him, and even fall in love with him…

From the moment he noticed her during senior high, he was sure she would be the one for the rest of his life. After almost ten years, he’d waited so long up till the present day that waiting just a little more really didn’t matter.

He could treat her a little better, make her trust him a little more. That way when he confessed, he’d probably be more successful, right?

He Jichen smiled for a long time before he withdrew his gaze from the tightly shut door. Then he bent over to pick his phone up and send Xia Yuan a message. “After your wedding date is set, tell me and I’ll send someone over to give you your gift.”

After some time, He Jichen’s phone vibrated. Xia Yuan replied, “Alright.”

He Jichen didn’t reply further, but just as he was going to put his phone away, another message from Xia Yuan came in. “Jichen, the girl who kissed you earlier… is she the reason you rejected me?”

Maybe it was because he was in a great mood, but He Jichen casually replied to Xia Yuan with one word: “Yes.”

There was something he actually really wanted to say to Xia Yuan, but after some thought, he didn’t.

It was: She wasn’t the only reason why I rejected you. She’s the reason I rejected the whole world.

She’s the best thing in my life. Aside from her, all I can do is reject everyone else.

The morning after, He Jichen received some news that changed his initial plans to stay with Ji Yi at C city for the next few days. He ordered Chen Bai to book a flight back to Beijing right away.

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