Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 609
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 609
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 609: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The sun shone unusually bright outside the window.

Thirty thousand feet in the sky, the sky was blue with white clouds.

He Jichen stared at the scenery outside the plane window and suddenly thought back to the night before he left his prestigious school for Beijing. He treated his classmates to dinner and drank so much that his consciousness swayed a little.

A classmate asked, “Why would you give up such a bright future to fly to Beijing?”

There was a little regret in his classmate’s voice.

But nobody knew that night was the happiest he’d felt since they lost contact.

He was finally going to her city and he could finally be closer to her. In the day, he could enjoy the same sunshine and in the evening, he could see the same neon city lights.

He smiled for a moment then slowly shut his eyes. Being a person who was slow to express his true feelings, he was way too disinhibited that night and was drunk enough to say, “Because I want to find the woman I love.”

“You actually have someone you like?”

“You’re going to Beijing to be with her?”

“You guys aren’t about to get married, right?”

His classmates enthusiastically asked questions one after the other.

He shook his head and thought about it for a while then replied, “No, I just want to be closer to her.”

“Are you kidding me? You aren’t even with her, so why go to Beijing?”

“If you can get her, then go. That way, you won’t lose out so badly!”

“He Jichen, what the hell are you thinking?”

After hearing his classmates frantically trying to persuade him out of it, he raised his glass and downed it. Then he gently put the glass back down onto the table. He thought about it for a long time then said, “I wasn’t really thinking. I just want to be closer to her and stay with her. If we can’t be together, then we won’t! Anyways, even if we don’t get together, I still want to pledge my life to spoiling her.”

With that thought, He Jichen averted his gaze from the airplane window. He was drawn back to Ji Yi’s face.

She was still sleeping; her long, curly eyelashes quivered every now and then.

Yeah… pledge his life to treat her like a queen.

He pledged to indulge her.

In this lifetime… the only… person he would indulge.

Fast asleep on the plane, Ji Yi vaguely felt a hand stroke her face then she sensed He Jichen’s distinct scent enveloping her completely. With that, she fell into He Jichen’s warm and sturdy embrace.

Before she could do anything, her lips were encased by He Jichen’s.

His kiss was extremely gentle, making her start to feel dizzy. As his kiss grew deeper, she could feel his fingers unbuttoning her shirt and touching her soft skin.

Her body started to tremble gently as her breath started to gradually become unstable. Their clothes were quickly torn off and his sexy body pressed on top of hers.

She didn’t dodge him. She reached her arm out to hug his neck as she felt him forcefully barging into her body…

Ji Yi’s whole body shivered then she woke up from her dream.

Her eyes opened to see He Jichen’s worried, handsome face. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Yi was stunned for a while before she came back to her senses. What kind of dream did I just have? She instinctively turned her gaze and said with a little guilt, “Nothing.”

“Why’s your face so red?” He Jichen furrowed his brows. He reached his hand out and touched Ji Yi’s forehead. “Do you have a fever?”

The warmth of his fingers lingered on her skin and the dream she had instantly came to mind. She reached her hand out reflexively and smacked He Jichen’s hand away.

Her overreaction shocked He Jichen.

Ji Yi then realized she lost her manners and hastily stuttered, “I-I don’t have a fever. It’s just-just…”

Ji Yi stuttered for a little. Seeing as someone happened to come out from the washroom, she immediately said, “…need to pee!”

Her voice was so loud that many people in the first class cabin turned to look.

Ji Yi was already red in the face. She instantly turned so red that blood could drip from her face!

Without glancing around her, she hurriedly unfastened her seatbelt and ran for the toilet.

After Ji Yi shut the door, she clutched her hair.

What’s with me?! Starting from last night, I flirted with He Jichen, forced a kiss on him, and on the plane, I even dreamt of us sleeping together…

The more she thought about it, the more she went crazy. She wanted nothing more than to grab her head and smash it against the door.

Little did Ji Yi know that while she was thirty thousand meters in the air going crazy, Cheng Weiwan was in Beijing in the hospital toilet, also confused and worried.

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