Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 610
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 610
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 610: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Little did Ji Yi know that while she was thirty thousand meters in the air going crazy, Cheng Weiwan was in Beijing in the hospital toilet, also confused and worried.

Three days ago, Cheng Weiwan was feeling unwell.

That day, she wanted to do an all-nighter and finish writing the first draft of the script for “Jiuchong Palace,” but she started getting sleepy at ten in the evening while working.

Because she just couldn’t stay up anymore, she set the alarm for seven the next morning and climbed into bed, hoping to get up early to write.

She slept well all night and was woken up at seven in the morning by her alarm. Having slept eight whole hours, Cheng Weiwan still felt unbelievably sleepy.

But at the thought of her work being unfinished, Cheng Weiwan endured the sleepiness creeping upon her and went to brush her teeth. She didn’t know why but her stomach was churning and she really wanted to vomit.

With just one last episode to write, Cheng Weiwan could’ve finished it in three to four hours at her usual pace, but that day, she wrote until five in the afternoon before she managed to finish.

Last year, after she agreed to be with Han Zhifan, Han Zhifan gave her a set of keys to his apartment.

Seeing as it was almost time for dinner, she went out to pick up some fresh ingredients at the supermarket. She figured she might as well buy some flowers and go to Han Zhifan’s apartment.

Han Zhifan hadn’t finished work yet, so after she put the flowers in a vase, she sent Han Zhifan a message asking when he’d be home in the evening.

Upon receiving his reply, Cheng Weiwan estimated the time she had to prepare and started to get dinner ready.

Three fragrant dishes and soup were just placed on the dining table when she heard the sound of the door opening as Han Zhifan entered the apartment.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t even remove her apron as she jogged over to the entrance. Like an attentive little wife, she crouched down and helped Han Zhifan grab the slippers from the shoe cabinet then took his jacket.

After having dinner together, Cheng Weiwan and Han Zhifan sat on the living room sofa and watched a movie.

During the second half of the movie, there was a part that was “not suitable for children.” With his hands around Cheng Weiwan’s waist, Han Zhifan’s fingers explored underneath her shirt.

The movie hadn’t finished when the two of them started to have sex on the sofa.

After they finished, Cheng Weiwan laid on top of Han Zhifan and felt exhausted. She didn’t want to move an inch. In the end, Han Zhifan even carried her into the ensuite bathroom and took a shower with her. Then they laid back in bed.

While they were having sex on the living room sofa, Cheng Weiwan’s phone rang. She waited until her exhaustion disappeared before she reached for her phone.

It was a text message from her dad, Cheng Weiguo, saying that he was coming to Beijing next Wednesday. He was asking if she was free for dinner.

Cheng Weiwan replied with an “Okay.”

Cheng Weiguo was probably on his phone as he quickly replied to her with: “Wanwan, remember to bring your boyfriend for dad to meet.”

Unsure if Han Zhifan was free or not, Cheng Weiwan didn’t dare agree to her dad right away. Instead, she turned her head and looked over at Han Zhifan, staring at his reports. “Zhifan, do you have time next Wednesday?” she asked.

“What’s up?” Han Zhifan’s eyes didn’t leave the report for a second.

“My dad’s coming to Beijing. He knows we’ve been together for almost a year now, so he wants to meet you…”

Han Zhifan’s fingers suddenly the report more tightly when he heard the two words “my dad.”

But soon enough, Han Zhifan’s shock vanished. He turned his head and smiled while asking, “What’s wrong? In such a rush for me to meet the parents…you want to marry me now?”

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