Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 614
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 614
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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“Mr. He, are you here to see Mr. Han?”

The lady at the front desk outside the elevator door recognized He Jichen. Seeing him step out, she immediately got up and welcomed him with a smile.

He Jichen ignored her as he rushed into the office.

The lady at the front desk hurriedly got up to tell He Jichen: “Mr. He, Mr. Han is currently in a meeting, so it’s inconvenient for him to see you…”

He Jichen’s footsteps didn’t stop at all. In just eighteen short seconds, the lady at the front desk was far behind him.

All the lady could do was look over at the Chen Bai trailing behind He Jichen and say, “Assistant Chen, Mr. Han really is in a meeting. Let me take you both to the waiting area for a moment…”

Chen Bai gave the lady a comforting smile as a signal for her to get on with her work. Then he increased his pace to catch up to He Jichen.

Chen Bai hadn’t reached the secretary’s desk when he heard a “Bang!” up ahead. The sound caught the attention of everyone in the office and even caused a few shrieks.

Chen Bai hurriedly took two steps forward and saw the office of the general manager. After He Jichen’s hard kick, the man’s ferocious demeanor came over him. In complete disregard for the secretary’s efforts to stop him, he charged into the office.

Without a second thought, Chen Bai ran right over.

The secretary viewed Chen Bai like a savior. “Assitant Chen, what’s going on with Mr. He?”

Chen Bai waved his arm and couldn’t be bothered to say a thing as he stepped into the office.

Inside were Han Zhifan and two foreign men sitting on the sofa in the vast office. In front of them was a table full of documents.

The three of them must’ve been startled by He Jichen’s kick as the expressions on their faces looked evidently confused.

The first to come to his senses was Han Zhifan. He stared at He Jichen with furrowed brows and said with a voice full of doubt, “Chen Ge?”

Then the two foreigners, who he was discussing business with, spoke too.

“Who’s this?”

“Mr. Han, what’s happening?”

Han Zhifan and He Jichen had known each other for many years. From He Jichen’s demeanor alone, Han Zhifan knew something had happened. When he heard his business partners asking him questions, he hurriedly withdrew his gaze from He Jichen and apologized to the two foreigners sitting beside him. “Apologies, I’ll arrange for our business manager to speak with you both. I may have some urgent matters that need my immediate attention.”

As he said this, Han Zhifan reached out and quickly tidied up the documents on the table then called out to his secretary, “Secretary Zhang!”

Secretary Zhang was outside the door. When the secretary heard his voice, she immediately pushed the door open and stepped in.

Han Zhifan got up and handed Secretary Zhang the documents then personally escorted the two clients out of the office and shut the door behind them. Han Zhifan stood at the door for some time before turning around and walking over to the emotionless He Jichen in front of the desk. He asked again, “Chen Ge, what’s going on?”

Han Zhifan didn’t manage to finish what he was saying when He Jichen suddenly walked up to him and punched him hard in the stomach without warning.

Han Zhifan wasn’t prepared in the slightest and He Jichen used all his strength, so it forced Han Zhifan back several meters. When he hit the wall behind him hard, he stopped.

“Mr. He! Mr. Han!” cried Chen Bai who was in the office.

It seemed like He Jichen didn’t hear what Chen Bai said as he walked over to Han Zhifan who was covering his stomach.

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