Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 615
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 615
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 615: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (18)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows fiercely from the pain. He raised his head and looked into He Jichen’s eyes, full of bewilderment. “Chen…”

He only managed to say one word when He Jichen’s fist crashed into the right side of his face, causing his face to turn ninety degrees.

Soon enough, there was a trickle of blood pouring out from Han Zhifan’s lips.

“Mr. He!” Chen Bai instinctively took a step forward and watched as He Jichen stood with a ferocious air around him.

He Jichen didn’t give Han Zhifan any time to recuperate as he grabbed Han Zhifan’s collar after the punch and dragged him off the floor. He raised his leg and violently kicked his stomach again.

“Mr. Han!” blurted Chen Bai after he heard Han Zhifan’s grunt.

After Chen Bai’s voice dropped, He Jichen knocked Han Zhifan to the floor. Then He Jichen’s fist came crashing down on his face as his body slumped.

He Jichen’s punch was harder than the last like he had an excessive amount of repressed anger in his chest.

After hitting Han Zhifan for who knew how long, Han Zhifan’s body started to gently quiver. Chen Bai was afraid He Jichen would kill him if he continued. Chen Bai didn’t care whether He Jichen’s anger would spread to him anymore as he pulled the two apart.

“Mr. Han, are you alright?” Chen Bai saw that He Jichen had no signs of rushing at him anymore, so he crouched down and tried to help Han Zhifan up.

Han Zhifan rejected Chen Bai’s arm as he endured the excruciating pain in his body and laid on the floor. He stared up at He Jichen nearby and said, “Chen Ge, you already hit me as much as you wanted, now can you tell me what the hell happened?”

It would’ve been better had Han Zhifan not asked because as soon as he did, the fire in He Jichen’s chest reignited again. “You still have the guts to ask me what happened?”

“Do you know I want to kill you right now?!” spat He Jichen. He turned and looked over at Chen Bai and said with a stern voice, “Show him the evidence on your phone!”

“Yes, Mr. He,” replied Chen Bai feebly. He quickly pulled out his phone from his pocket, found the video recording and held it up to Han Zhifan.

Han Zhifan’s lips started to purse the moment he saw the people on the screen.

After about three seconds, a male voice came out from Chen Bai’s phone: “I give, I give! Yes, I’m one of Lin Sheng’s people, but Lin Sheng didn’t ask me to go to the courtyard in the south city and surround Cheng Weiwan. I was asked by Mr. Han to go. It was Mr. Han who wanted to play hero to a damsel in distress because he was trying to get with Cheng Weiwan, so I was just acting out my part… I swear! We really wanted to mess with only Cheng Weiwan. We really didn’t know her friend would be there and that Mr. He knew that friend…”

After the video finished playing, Han Zhifan stared at the screen silently watching the last frame before he averted his eyes. “So it was because of this… I knew long ago that one day, you would find out…”

He knew a long time ago?

Those words made He Jichen kick Han Zhifan hard in the stomach again. “You still have the gall to say you knew a long time ago?”

“You knew how important Ji Yi was to me, yet you actually dared to hurt her?!”

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