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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 623
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 623: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (26)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

I gave him the band-aids, but he’s not asking me to come in and sit. It’s the middle of the night and I’m a woman, so it’s probably not okay for me to take the initiative and go in. Should I suggest to He Jichen that I leave early?

I just arrived and only just exchanged a few words with him though…

Ji Yi looked down to mask the disappointment in her eyes.

After her reluctance to leave and sadness cleared up, she looked up again and smiled at He Jichen.

But before she could apologize, she noticed He Jichen’s whole demeanor softening under the hallway lights and heard his gentle voice saying, “Do you want to come in for a drink?”

“Alright.” Ji Yi nodded with her reply with practically no hesitation.

After her voice fell, she realized she replied a little quickly and wasn’t the least bit reserved. “I’m a little thirsty,” she added hastily.

He Jichen moved aside to let her in.

After Ji Yi stepped into the apartment, he bent over and placed a pair of slippers in front of Ji Yi.

While Ji Yi put on the slippers, He Jichen asked, “What would you like? Juice, milk, or water?”

“Water,” said Ji Yi.

“Mm,” responded He Jichen. After Ji Yi changed into the slippers, He Jichen pointed at the living room sofa as a signal for her to take a seat. Then he walked over to the dining room.

Soon enough, He Jichen carried two glasses of water back to the sofa. He bent down and handed one to Ji Yi. She glanced at the scraped skin on his fingers and noticed there were trickles of blood.

Without even thinking about it, Ji Yi blurted out, “You’d better take care of the scrapes on your hand. The weather is getting cold and it’ll be easy for your cuts to sting from the cold…”

After she said this, Ji Yi took the glass of water and put it down on the coffee table. Then she grabbed the band-aids she bought, ripped open the packaging and pulled a couple out.

She didn’t give He Jichen a chance to react at all and grabbed his hand.

He Jichen’s back suddenly stiffened up, but he didn’t try to avoid her.

Ji Yi’s full concentration was on the scrapes on his fingers, so she didn’t sense anything strange with him.

She first put some alcohol pads from the first aid kit on the table, cleansed He Jichen’s scrapes, and ripped open the band-aids. She carefully stuck some onto the injured area.

He Jichen looked like his pressure points had been hit as he kept his head down from beginning to end. His gaze was dead set on Ji Yi busily moving back and forth.

The band-aids on his hands felt like they were stuck to his heart, making him feel unbelievably warm inside.

After applying the band-aids, Ji Yi looked up and shot He Jichen a smile. “Alright.”

He Jichen hurriedly came back from the overflowing warmth in his chest and said “thanks” to Ji Yi as she sat beside him.

In the evening, it was just the two of them in the large room.

He Jichen was afraid the atmosphere was going to turn awkward, so after he sat down, he reached for the remote control and turned the TV on.

There happened to be a music video playing. The soothing melody from the violin moved like clouds and flowed like water, traveling around the room.

Ji Yi stared at the famous violinist on the TV and suddenly remembered that at Louwailou, Fatty once mentioned He Jichen could play the violin. He even got the first prize for the nation’s best junior violinist.

With that thought, Ji Yi looked over at He Jichen, “Fatty told me you can play the violin very well!”

“I haven’t touched a violin in many years. I think I’m a bit rusty now.” He Jichen lowered his eyes and blew at the steaming hot water then took a sip.

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