Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 624
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 624
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 624: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (27)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“That’s a shame… I still haven’t seen you play the violin.”

“If I get a chance in the future, I’ll play it for you.”

The future… This was the first time those words sounded so good to Ji Yi. The corners of her lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile. “Alright.”

Seeing Ji Yi smile, He Jichen’s eyes also became even more relaxed. After some time, he looked like he just remembered something then said, “Oh yeah, the metal tree with the lipsticks and the lights… I asked Chen Bai to ship them. They should be at your house in two days.”

“Mm, good.” Ji Yi smiled again. She picked up the glass of water in front of her and took a sip then said, “We have to go back to school tomorrow. Are you going to school?”

“I’m still not sure. There’s an office meeting I can’t miss tomorrow.” He Jichen paused then asked, “What about you? What time will you go?”

“I’ll probably get up early for school. Huahua and I said we’ll meet up for lunch then go for a walk in the afternoon,” answered Ji Yi, describing her whole schedule for school in an odd level of detail.

Ji Yi and He Jichen continued to chat like that casually.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, the living room clock rang. Ji Yi glanced over and realized it was already twelve at night.

It’s so late, I really should leave… With that thought, Ji Yi put her glass of water down then turned to look at He Jichen with a little reluctance.

She didn’t even get a chance to speak when He Jichen suddenly got up. “Come with me for a sec.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Ji Yi in confusion, but she got up and followed He Jichen.

He Jichen brought Ji Yi into the study room. He walked over to the desk, bent over, and turned on the computer.

While he entered the password, He Jichen stared at the screen, typed quickly and asked, “Are you sleepy?”

“Not sleepy.” Ji Yi shook her head.

“That’s good. Come here and look at the script for the first three episodes of ‘Jiuchong Palace’ and tell me if anything looks off.”

Ji Yi rushed over.

He Jichen clicked into several folders then moved aside to give Ji Yi the seat, hinting for her to sit and slowly read through it.

While Ji Yi was reading through the script, He Jichen stood to the side for a while then walked out of the study room.

When he came back, he had another glass of water in his hand.

He didn’t say anything to disturb Ji Yi, but he placed the glass of water in her hand. Then he sat on a sofa nearby and casually pulled out a financial newspaper from beside him.

The room was very quiet. Aside from He Jichen flipping through the newspaper and the sound of Ji Yi’s mouse clicking every now and then, nothing else could be heard.

Though the two of them didn’t speak, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward because they were each doing their own thing. Instead, there was an indescribable feeling of warmth in the room.

He Jichen quickly scanned through the financial papers.

He glanced over at Ji Yi in front of the computer table, earnestly reading the script. He didn’t say anything, but he gently put the paper down on a shelf beside him, turned his head and looked out the window.

The lights in the study were on and the windows were like mirrors, reflecting the woman unbelievably clearly.

He Jichen couldn’t help but be entranced.

Ji Yi finished reading the script then instinctively looked up at He Jichen.

He caught her gaze through the window and quickly composed himself. He turned his head and looked over at Ji Yi. “Finished reading?”

After asking, He Jichen got up and walked over to Ji Yi.

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