Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 626
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 626
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 626: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (29)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Having felt the pain, Ji Yi turned her head and looked at the ends of her hair. Without any hesitation, she tried to free her hair from He Jichen but in the end, her hair only wrapped around him more tightly.

He Jichen was afraid that if he straightened up, it would hurt Ji Yi’s scalp, so all he could do was arch his body.

His face happened to be facing her forehead, so his breathing swept endlessly over Ji Yi, creating a numbness that made her heart randomly skip a beat. She tried to free her hair a little harder.

With that, she managed to tangle her hair up even more tightly around the button.

The more she pulled, the more tangled her hair was. Some strands of hair even broke.

Just as Ji Yi was about to pull harder, He Jichen suddenly grabbed her hand.

The touch felt electric as it traveled instantly from his palms to the bottom of her heart. The shock made Ji Yi’s whole body tremble and she suddenly looked up at He Jichen.

Her movements were so unexpected that as soon as she raised her head, her lips happened to rub against He Jichen’s lips.

Another strong electric current sent Ji Yi shivering. She clearly felt He Jichen’s body stiffen up.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly turned romantically charged. He Jichen lowered his eyes slightly. Without looking at Ji Yi’s face, he stared unwaveringly at her hair around his button then he carefully unraveled it.

Their faces were so close together. Although Ji Yi didn’t dare to look at him after she accidentally touched He Jichen’s lips, she could feel the warmth of his body, his breath, and his sweet scent. Her heartbeat was completely in chaos as her face heated up.

After He Jichen freed Ji Yi’s hair from his button, he tentatively untangled her balled-up hair, one strand at a time.

When her hair was straightened out, he then looked up and glanced at her face.

Her skin was unusually fair, her long curly eyelashes were lowered, and her flushed face looked… extremely seductive.

He Jichen’s fingers trembled for a moment as his gaze upon Ji Yi suddenly turned trance-like. Even the word lingering in his mouth, “alright,” disappeared without a trace.

They held that position for so long without either of them making a sound.

Just as Ji Yi thought she was so hot that she was going to catch on fire, she lifted her head up and shot He Jichen a glance.

Beneath his pitch black eyes was a faint hint of red…

With just a glance, Ji Yi sank into He Jichen’s eyes.

They stared silently at each other for some time before her lips moved and an intense urge made her shut her eyes. She gradually raised her head and took the initiative to push her lips against He Jichen’s.

As her lips drew closer to his, Ji Yi clearly felt her eyelashes fluttering like crazy.

Just as their lips were going to touch, her phone suddenly rang.

Ji Yi trembled in shock then instantly snapped back to her senses.

She hurriedly moved her lips away from He Jichen’s and looked over at her phone on the desk. It was her mum calling.

Ji Yi didn’t hesitate for a moment. She grabbed the phone and took the call.

“Xiao Yi, it’s late. Why aren’t you at home?”

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