Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 627
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 627
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 627: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (30)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“I left the house to buy something; I’m heading right back now.” Ji Yi made a random, half-hearted excuse to answer her mum then hung up the phone.

She didn’t even glance at He Jichen before she hurriedly got up from her chair. “Err… it’s getting late. I should head home now.”

After she said this, Ji Yi ran for the door of the study, but before she could take even two steps, He Jichen grabbed her wrist.

A strong electric current ran from his palms again, engulfing her whole body. It made her shiver violently before she realized what was happening and shook off his wrists.

But before she could do so, He Jichen behind her flatly said, “I’ll take you.”

As He Jichen’s words fell, he pulled open his desk drawer and found the car keys in a pile of keys. Then he let go of Ji Yi’s wrist. “Let’s go.”

Ji Yi didn’t look at He Jichen while he spoke. She looked down then walked out the door.

When he wasn’t looking, she rubbed the area he just grabbed against her clothes, hiding the excitement and numb feeling he left her with.

As they stepped out of He Jichen’s apartment and reached the underground car park, neither of them spoke.

When she got into the car, He Jichen turned around to fasten Ji Yi’s seatbelt out of habit. As he drew closer, Ji Yi smelled the unique scent of his body, making her face flush. She turned her gaze out the window.

The car quickly started up and they drove out of the underground parking lot. The car sped through the evening city streets.

Ji Yi stared out through her window at the world outside whizzing by. Her gaze subconsciously fell to the reflection of He Jichen in the rearview mirror.

The street lights were dim in the evening, giving his unique elegance a slight sense of mystery.

The chill in his eyes made him look calm and composed as he stared at the road ahead.

He was too perfect like this – so perfect that he looked as surreal as an illusion.

Ji Yi couldn’t help but stare a little longer. In the end, she watched and watched, forgetting to breathe or blink.

The roads at night were particularly smooth. Soon enough, the car stopped outside her family home.

When He Jichen turned the engine off and looked towards Ji Yi, she sensed his gaze but immediately looked over at the streetlight outside. That was when she realized they reached their destination.

“I’m heading up,” blurted Ji Yi softly as she unfastened her seatbelt. Ji Yi wasn’t sure if He Jichen was looking at her, but she didn’t dare to look over at him. She then pushed the car door open.

“Goodbye.” Before she shut the car door, Ji Yi said goodbye to He Jichen.

“Yeah, goodnight.” When Ji Yi heard He Jichen’s voice, she couldn’t help but turn her head and glance over at the car.

His gaze never veered from her, causing her gaze to be irresistibly glued to him for a while.

Because he didn’t hear the sound of Ji Yi’s door closing for some time, he looked over at her, but before his eyes could meet hers, she quickly shut the car door. She turned and ran into the building.

It wasn’t until she entered the elevator that Ji Yi stroked her pounding heart.

Loving someone was truly miraculous. Without even noticing it, she stared at him in a daze and when he looked over, she was afraid he’d notice how she felt deep down, so she pretended to have not seen him. She quickly averted her eyes… and she even…

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