Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 629
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 629
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 629: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (32)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen continued to stare at his laptop screen but he must’ve known she was staring at him as he replied in a relaxed voice while typing, “On my morning jog, I ran over to your building and remembered you were going to school early, so I asked Chen Bai to pick me up right here.”

Morning jog…

As those two words jumped into Ji Yi’s mind, she suddenly remembered the excuse she used the night before when she dropped by He Jichen’s apartment. I said I was out on a stroll…

So he’s actually doing what I did – randomly making up excuses?

I went to his place because I was worried about his arm injury, and now he’s doing this to take me to school?

With that thought, Ji Yi couldn’t help but smile. Just like how He Jichen didn’t expose her lie last night, she did the same. “I never thought you were the type to go out for morning runs.”

“Mhm…” softly responded He Jichen. When he finished typing and sent his email, he looked over at Ji Yi. “…Same. I never thought you were the type to go for evening strolls.”

Ji Yi didn’t say anything, but she let her smile extend from her lips up to her eyes, radiating her happiness around her fair little face.

He Jichen didn’t say anything more. His phone rang – it was probably a reply to the email he just sent out. When he looked down at his laptop, away from Ji Yi’s line of sight, his eyes instantly softened. Beneath his lowered eyelashes, he was smiling slightly.

Driving in front, Chen Bai was completely lost while listening in on He Jichen and Ji Yi’s conversation. However, he clearly sensed that the atmosphere in the car had an indescribable sense of sweetness.

There was a meeting at the office, so He Jichen and Chen Bai dropped Ji Yi off at the women’s dorms and left.

Tang Huahua had an early flight to Beijing. Not long after Ji Yi arrived, Tang Huahua arrived too.

The two of them unpacked their suitcases and went into the admin office to sign in. Afterward, they didn’t return to the dorms but headed straight for lunch.

The place they chose happened to be a hotpot restaurant owned by a male singer Tang Huahua really liked. They were having a soft opening so there were quite a few customers, but luckily Ji Yi reserved a room so it didn’t affect Ji Yi and Tang Huahua’s dining experience.

The hotpot restaurant was in a shopping district, so after their meal, Ji Yi and Tang Huahua planned to window shop.

Tang Huahua put on a newly-bought pair of high heels before they left the dorms, but they weren’t a great fit on her. After walking a while, they started to blister her feet, so she cried in pain to find a cafe to rest her feet.

They couldn’t find a cafe, but instead, they saw the popular bakery mentioned on Weibo a while back.

This bakery produced a limited number of loaves and sold them at exactly four in the afternoon until they were sold out.

Just to buy this bakery’s bread, many people would line up three hours early.

It wasn’t even three, yet the bakery already had a really long line.

Ji Yi thought that since Tang Huahua’s shoes made her feet hurt, they should stop shopping, so she suggested Tang Huahua to find a chair to sit on in the mall. Then she was going to line up to buy the bread.

The bakery opened promptly at four.

Ji Yi followed the queue and slowly moved forward in line.

There was a woman about the same age as her standing in front of her who was talking into her phone like she was talking to a guy she liked. “I finally got in line at that bakery today with the really good bread. Do you want some? I can drop it off at your place?”

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