Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 630
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 630
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 630: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (33)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It felt like those words had woken her up from a daydream as Ji Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up. A second later, she pulled out her phone and sent a message to Tang Huahua: “Huahua, haven’t you always said you’d really like to explore YC? We’re not too far from YC, and seeing as you can’t window shop anymore, should we drop by YC later?”

Tang Huahua sounded so excited as she replied with high spirits: “Sure, sure!”

Ji Yi didn’t reply to Tang Huahua’s message but put her phone back into her bag.

After standing in line for about twenty minutes, it was finally Ji Yi’s turn.

She especially ordered a few buns and asked the shop assistant to help her pack them into two portions.

Coming out of the mall, Ji Yi hailed a taxi for her and Tang Huahua to go to YC together.

Tang Huahua really liked Cheng Weiwan, so the first thing she did when they reached Ji Yi’s office was to go find Cheng Weiwan’s office.

But then they saw that Cheng Weiwan’s office was vacant. Ji Yi thought Cheng Weiwan might’ve gone to the restroom, so she asked Cheng Weiwan’s other co-workers who were responsible for the script. That was when Ji Yi found out Cheng Weiwan hadn’t been feeling well – she must’ve caught some kind of stomach bug as she’d been vomitting consistently and hadn’t been in the office today or yesterday.

Ji Yi figured she would give Cheng Weiwan a call in the evening. Tang Huahua headed back to Ji Yi’s office in disappointment.

Zhuang Yi was in the office and since she knew Tang Huahua, Ji Yi figured she could ask Zhuang Yi to give Tang Huahua an office tour.

After the two of them left, Ji Yi carried the unopened portion of buns into He Jichen’s office.

As she passed secretary Zhang, she saw Ji Yi and immediately stopped what she was doing. “Miss Ji, you’re here. Let me take you to Mr. He’s office…”

“No thanks. Please continue with your work; I’ll find my way,” replied Ji Yi with a smile. As she passed the general manager’s office, she stopped outside He Jichen’s office door.

Reaching her hand out, she knocked on the door and waited a few seconds then heard He Jichen’s pleasant voice from say from the inside: “Come in.”

Ji Yi suddenly became nervous. She took a deep breath at the door, opened it and walked in.

Chen Bai was also in He Jichen’s office, reporting about some kind of work when he heard the door opening. He glanced back and spotted Ji Yi. His chattering suddenly paused for a moment then he said with a doubtful tone of voice, “Miss Ji?”

As He Jichen was staring at some documents, when he heard what Chen Bai said, his hand trembled then he turned his head and saw Ji Yi.

Ji Yi felt flustered again when she met He Jichen’s gaze. She replied with a smile, “Huahua and I were window shopping this afternoon and happened to see these buns that were famous online, so I bought extra and brought them over for you two.”

“You two?” Chen Bai found the main point. “Miss Ji, are you including me?”

Ji Yi nodded. “Of course.”

Chen Bai instantly smiled. He wanted to say, “That’s great!” but before he could, He Jichen shot him a cold glare.

Chen Bai was so frightened that his entire body shivered. The next second, he swallowed the words back down and lied, “But Miss Ji, it’s really such a shame that I haven’t been feeling well recently. The doctor specifically asked me not to eat sweet things.”

As Chen Bai said this, he glanced over at He Jichen. The expression on his face improved a lot.

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